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The vast majority of us will never get to see this first-hand, so we'll have to rely on stunning images from videos like this one to satisfy us.

Great White Sea

Jump in the water with some great whites and come away with a whole new appreciation for their beauty, grace, and profound place in this world.

Gray Whale Surprises Divers

Imagine being on a dive in Monterey and seeing a gray whale appear out of nowhere. That's exactly what happened to these divers.

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Blue Star Program

Blue Star Program Promotes Stewardship in the Florida Keys

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary protects the only living barrier reef in the U.S. To dive it, choose an operator in the Blue Star program who promotes responsible and sustainable practices.


Cyberbullying in the Scuba World

Cyberbullying is not the exclusive territory of teenagers targeting each other on social media — it happens in the scuba world too. Here’s what to do if you become a target.

Scuba Dive at Bikini Atoll
Dive Locations Travel Wrecks

Can You Scuba Dive at Bikini Atoll?

Although it’s most famous as a testing ground for nuclear weapons, you can, in fact scuba dive at Bikini Atoll in the North Pacific Ocean.

Winter Getaways for Scuba Diving
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Five Great Winter Getaways for Scuba Diving

Winter is in full swing, which means you’re probably dreaming of somewhere sunny. Book one of these five great winter getaways for scuba diving and escape.