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Australia’s Best Local Diving

Over the two years of Covid-induced border closures, Australians discovered that diving in their own backyard is pretty darn good. Now that borders have opened, it’s time to share our best secrets with the rest of the world.


Celebrate 50 Years of Spectacular National Marine Sanctuaries

Fifty years ago, a new era of ocean conservation was born when the United States created a system of national…


Flexible Flights Airfare Offer from Explorer Ventures Fleet

Are expensive flights keeping you grounded? This Flexible Flights offer by Explorer Ventures Fleet® means you can save up to…


Exclusive Red Sea Liveaboard Diving Packages: Premium Amenities Await

From more daily dives and smaller dive group sizes to 5-star dining experiences, Explorer Ventures Fleet’s Red Sea liveaboard package is a step above the rest.


Tombs, Temples, and Pyramids: Chasing Egypt’s Topside Treasures

A visit to Egypt to dive the Red Sea would be incomplete without also visiting the topside landmarks that make this astonishing country so alluring.


What Causes Post-Dive Headaches?

Surfacing with a pounding headache after a dive can really take the enjoyment out of going underwater and may even cause you to miss dives or give up diving altogether. Here, we’ll examine reasons for and prevention of post-dive headaches.


2023 Liveaboard Deals on Explorer Ventures

Save up to $1000 per person on 2023 Explorer Ventures Liveaboard Deals!


Oceanic Founder and Industry Icon Bob Hollis Passes Away

Industry icon Bob Hollis passed away peacefully on January 4, 2023, in Salt Lake City, Utah, surrounded by family.