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Blue Planet II : The Prequel

Ready to have your mind blown? BBC is set to release a sequel to the award-winning 2001 ocean documentary Blue Planet in early 2018 and here's your first peek.

How Do Angel Sharks Feed?

The videographer spent spent two years trying to get this footage, which speaks to how rare it is to witness this kind of behavior. 

Angering Nemo

Ever have a fish get mad at you? What about a tiny cute one actually chasing you?

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Dive Locations In the Water

Name Your Own Coral Reef in Australia

It’s possible to “name a star,” usually as a gift, but now you can name your own coral reef as well, in Australia at Lord Howe Island.

Photo Gear & Techniques News In the Water

SeaLife Launches Handheld Sea Dragon Mini Fluoro Underwater Light

Scuba Diving in Tela
Travel Dive Locations In the Water

Scuba Diving in Tela, Honduras

Although it takes a bit of work to access, the scuba diving in Tela, Honduras, is well worth the effort.

Sustainable Tourism
Conservation In the Water

Making Sustainable Tourism the Standard in the Dive Industry

2017 was the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. What does that mean and what has Reef-World done to advance the cause?