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Senate Passes Ban on U.S. Shark Fin Trade

On World Ocean Day, the U.S. Senate passed the Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act (S. 1106), a bill that would ban the buying and selling of shark fins in the United States


The Diver’s Guide to Belize in Covid Times

With daily flights from many North American cities, now is the time to enjoy world-famous dives and lush landscapes. Here’s our diver’s guide to Belize in Covid times.


The Diver’s Guide to Bonaire in Covid Times

Surrounded by a marine reserve, Bonaire is a biodiversity hotspot and a perennial diver favorite, but is it open for business? Here’s our diver’s guide to Bonaire in Covid times.


The Diver’s Guide to the Bahamas in Covid Times

Easily accessible from the United States and famed for its shark diving, wrecks and reefs, the Bahamas is a perfect place to start traveling again. Here’s our diver’s guide to visiting the Bahamas in Covid times.


Breaking News: Darwin’s Arch Collapses

The iconic Darwin’s Arch collapses in the Galapagos today in front of divers on the Galapagos Aggressor III.


Marine Art

Art can speak to your soul, but most divers hold a special place in their heart for marine art. Check out some of our favorite pieces here.


Scuba Diving Rottnest Island

Ningaloo Reef and its annual whale shark migration maybe the most famous dive destination in Western Australia, but diving Rottnest Island is not to be missed.


3D Printed Terra Cotta Tiles Create Artificial Reefs in the Red Sea

It’s time to get creative to save coral reefs — one Israeli academic is using 3D printing to create artificial reefs in the Red Sea.