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Scuba Diving Wakatobi Dive Resort, Indonesia

Take the plunge into the stunning waters off Wakatobi Dive Resort. A luxury dive experience like no other.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Southern California Sharks

Sandy beaches, year-round sunshine, not a hint of humidity in the air, and sharks — sounds good to us. Here’s our beginner’s guide to Southern California sharks to get you started.


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Raja Ampat and the Galapagos probably already appear on your list, but here are five alternative diving bucket list destinations that belong there as well.


Support Ocean Conservation by Diving

Doing what you love while helping the planet sounds like a win-win to us. From reef checks to voluntourism, here’s how you can support ocean conservation by diving.


New Underwater Museum in Cannes

A new underwater museum in Cannes, France, with work by artist Jason de Caires Taylor has just opened.


Great Barrier Reef Recovery During Covid-19 Lockdowns

Reef Magic Cruises aids reef recovery on the Great Barrier Reef during Covid-19 lockdowns with MARRS Reef Stars


The Top Five Shore Dives in Perth

Perth, in Western Australia, has a thriving scuba community. Here are our picks for the top five shore dives in Perth.


Explorer Ventures Announces ‘Year of Savings’ Liveaboard Diving Specials for 2021

Explorer Ventures Fleet’s biggest sale event of the year is here!


Strengthened Conservation Efforts in the Mergui Archipelago

Like most ocean environments, this one is under threat. Read on for insight into Ocean Quest Global and their conservation efforts in the Mergui Archipelago.