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Exclusive Red Sea Liveaboard Diving Packages: Premium Amenities Await

From more daily dives and smaller dive group sizes to 5-star dining experiences, Explorer Ventures Fleet’s Red Sea liveaboard package is a step above the rest.

From more daily dives and smaller dive group sizes to 5-star dining experiences, Explorer Ventures Fleet’s Red Sea liveaboard package is a step above the rest. 

When it comes to liveaboard diving in the Red Sea, vessel options can seem endless. However, few offer the incredible amenities and level of service that Explorer Ventures Fleet®  does aboard Grand Sea Explorer® (operating locally as Sea Serpent Grand). With an eye on what divers really want, Explorer Ventures’s exclusive Red Sea package has been uniquely designed to ensure guests are highly catered to while maximizing their bottom time. Explorer Ventures’s package includes smaller dive groups, four daily dives (instead of three), a beverage package, free Wi-Fi, and more. Guests will be hard-pressed to find a better liveaboard option for the Red Sea. 


1. Smaller Dive Groups
Exclusive for Explorer Ventures bookings on Grand Sea Explorer, an additional dive guide is added to the vessel and the dive group ratio is smaller. The ratio of guides to divers is one to eight, whereas the Red Sea’s typical standard is one guide to twelve divers. 
2. Bonus Daily Dives
The average liveaboard in the Red Sea offers three daily dives. The Grand Sea Explorer package includes up to four daily dives with a couple of additional night dives, which means divers will get up to 25 dives during their week onboard. That’s five more than the other liveaboards! The dive schedule is also flexible, set to the wishes of the guests and guests will receive a hot towel after each dive. 
3. Beverage Package
Exclusive for Explorer Ventures’ guests is a drink package that includes free local beer and wine. In addition to American coffee and freshly made juice, served at any time free of charge.
4. Next-Level Suite & Cabin Service
Guests on this package will have a fruit basket in the suites and cabins, which is constantly replenished. Plus, a hot beverage station and more towels with frequent changes. Although there is a small supplement for the large suites, there are no upper deck cabin supplements.
5. Premium Dining
Catering to the highest standard is included in Explorer Ventures’s packages. All onboard catering is upgraded compared to the normal offerings when Explorer Ventures’s guests are on board. The food, and its preparation, are of the highest quality, and the number of staff on board is increased to implement this exclusive service.
6. Free Unlimited Internet Access
Whilst other liveaboard packages offer limited internet, Grand Sea Explorer‘s package includes unlimited internet access. When you’ve just finished an amazing dive with oceanic white-tip sharks, they know you’ll want to message home about it!   
Well, there you have it! Six more incredible reasons to book your Red Sea liveaboard diving holiday with Explorer Ventures Fleet. Upgrade your diving holiday to 5-stars aboard Grand Sea Explorer for your next trip!
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About Explorer Ventures Fleet®

The Explorer Ventures Liveaboard Diving Fleet® offers eight destinations including the Red Sea, Palau, Maldives, Northeastern Caribbean (Saba/St. Kitts), Turks & Caicos Islands, Galapagos Islands, and Indonesia. The M/V Turks & Caicos Explorer II® also spends 10 weeks in the winter/spring offering snorkeling with humpback whales on the Silver Bank, Dominican Republic, under charter to Aquatic Adventures.

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