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Amazing Marine Life of Croatia

Over 700 dives in this area in Croatia gave this filmmaker a lot to look at, as well as a lot to show us!

Seasoned Pros Tell All About Truk Lagoon

Some major tech divers spend an envious amount of time at Truk Lagoon and tell us all about it!

Expedition to Thermopylae

Sent by one of our followers, here's a great look at the resident marine life on the Thermopylae in Sri Lanka.

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Toothed Whales
In the Water

Five Common Species of Toothed Whales

Whales are classified into two groups: toothed and baleen. Out of 65 species of toothed whales, here are five of the most common.

U.S. Virgin Islands
News Travel

U.S. Virgin Islands: Ready for Business

The 2017 hurricane season was devastating across much of the Caribbean. We visited the U.S. Virgin Islands to see if they’re ready to welcome divers. The short answer: yes.

Manta Sandy
Dive Locations Travel

Dive Site: Manta Sandy in Raja Ampat

Manta Sandy in Raja Ampat is a legendary dive site. What makes it so special?

Goliath Grouper Aggregation
Conservation Marine Species Travel

Diving the Goliath Grouper Aggregation in Florida

Each year from August to October, diving the goliath grouper aggregation in Florida is a spectacular experience.