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Blue Whale: Largest Animal EVER! [4K] | Timor-Leste from Below (S01E10) | SZtv

The biggest animal on Earth, and the folks at Scubazoo got a glimpse of one in Timor-Leste! And if they're lucky, they get to swim alongside one.

Follow Me in Egypt

Be transported to another world and see a little of life topside and below the blue line.

Crocodile Caller [4K] | Timor-Leste from Below (S01E09) | SZtv

Some indigenous elders on Timor Leste revere and communicate with crocs, they are known as the croc callers.

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Dixie Arrow
Dive Locations In the Water Wrecks

Preserving America’s Underwater Battlefields: The Dixie Arrow

This year, Scuba Diver Life and NOAA are partnering to profile 12 different ships in the Graveyard of the Atlantic. We’ll begin with a visit to the Dixie Arrow.

Beth Watson
Blog Photo Gear & Techniques

Photographer Spotlight: Beth Watson

flying squid
In the Water Marine Species

Marine Species: Flying Squid

We’ve all heard of flying fish, but flying squid? Let’s take a look at these astounding creatures, both in — and flying above — the water.

January dive destinations
In the Water Travel

Five Great January Dive Destinations

It’s the start of a new year and there’s no better time to plan your next dive trip. Here are our picks for five great January dive destinations.