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Spat Out By A Whale

Learn what it's like to be spat out by a whale!

Suckling Humpback Whale Calf

Scientists have released first-of-its-kind footage showing a nursing humpback whale calf – from the calf’s perspective. 

Blue Whale: Largest Animal EVER! [4K] | Timor-Leste from Below (S01E10) | SZtv

The biggest animal on Earth, and the folks at Scubazoo got a glimpse of one in Timor-Leste! And if they're lucky, they get to swim alongside one.

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abort a dive shore dive

Training Fundamentals: When to Abort a Dive

It’s sometimes easy to succumb to peer pressure and make a dive when we really shouldn’t. When is the right time to abort a dive? What are the tell-tale signs?

Diving in Sydney
News Travel

Diving in Sydney During Lockdown

Diving around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic has been nearly impossible, but diving in Sydney during lockdown has been possible for locals.

Liveaboards News Travel

Diving on the Wrong Side of the Indian Ocean Dipole

Unusually cold water and poor visibility in the Andaman Sea have led to below average dive conditions in Southeast Asia so far this year. To blame is the Indian Ocean Dipole.

Paralenz vaquita
In the Water News Release

Paralenz Vaquita Launch Rescheduled

The much anticipated Paralenz Vaquita will have a release date of late July.