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Blue Planet II : The Prequel

Ready to have your mind blown? BBC is set to release a sequel to the award-winning 2001 ocean documentary Blue Planet in early 2018 and here's your first peek.

How Do Angel Sharks Feed?

The videographer spent spent two years trying to get this footage, which speaks to how rare it is to witness this kind of behavior. 

Angering Nemo

Ever have a fish get mad at you? What about a tiny cute one actually chasing you?

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San Pedro
Wrecks Dive Locations In the Water

Florida’s Underwater Archaeological Preserves: San Pedro

There are 12 Underwater Archaeological Preserves in Florida, scattered from the northwestern Panhandle down to the Florida Keys. Today we visit the San Pedro.

Budget Dive Computers
Dive Computers In the Water

Budget Dive Computers For Any Need

Get all the features you need without breaking the bank with any of these budget dive computers

Bye Bye Plastic Bags
Conservation In the Water

Conservation Spotlight: Bye Bye Plastic Bags

In this series of articles, we’ll profile conservation organizations focused on ocean protection. Today we’re talking with Melati and Isabel Wijsen, the teenage founders of Bye Bye Plastic Bags.

Scuba Diving in Kimbe Bay
Dive Locations In the Water

Scuba Diving in Kimbe Bay

Kimbe Bay on New Britain is a biodiversity hotspot, offering incredible diving and one of the best-preserved WWII aircraft wrecks in Papua New Guinea.