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Spat Out By A Whale

Learn what it's like to be spat out by a whale!

Suckling Humpback Whale Calf

Scientists have released first-of-its-kind footage showing a nursing humpback whale calf – from the calf’s perspective. 

Blue Whale: Largest Animal EVER! [4K] | Timor-Leste from Below (S01E10) | SZtv

The biggest animal on Earth, and the folks at Scubazoo got a glimpse of one in Timor-Leste! And if they're lucky, they get to swim alongside one.

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Gilis Covid
In the Water News Travel

Diving the Gili Islands During COVID-19

A small group of divers on the Gili Islands have found themselves locked down in paradise, still able to safely go diving. Here’s a slideshow of their daily dives.

rich horner nusa lembongan
Fun stuff News

Interview: Viral Video Shooter Rich Horner

scuba diving wetsuit
Gear New to Scuba

Buying Your First Scuba Diving Wetsuit

A good wetsuit can make the difference between a great dive and calling a dive because of cold. Here are some tips on buying your first scuba diving wetsuit.

dive into the pink
In the Water

Dive into the Pink Announces “Sharing Our Air” Photo Competition

Dive into the Pink Announces “Sharing Our Air” Photo Competition