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Amazing Marine Life of Croatia

Over 700 dives in this area in Croatia gave this filmmaker a lot to look at, as well as a lot to show us!

Seasoned Pros Tell All About Truk Lagoon

Some major tech divers spend an envious amount of time at Truk Lagoon and tell us all about it!

Expedition to Thermopylae

Sent by one of our followers, here's a great look at the resident marine life on the Thermopylae in Sri Lanka.

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Inspiring Future Ocean Guardians in Mozambique

Marine Megafauna Foundation launches crowdfunding campaign to prevent local drownings and create a new generation of marine conservationists

Brent Durand
In the Water Photo Gear & Techniques

Photographer Spotlight: Brent Durand

In an ongoing series, we’ll chat with prominent and up-and-coming underwater photographers. Today we chat with Brent Durand.

Sidemount diving
Resources Tec Diving Training

Setting Up Your Own Sidemount Diving Rig

Sidemount diving has exploded in popularity over the last few years, among both recreational and technical divers. But the real learning curve starts after you’re certified.

Flying Fish
Marine Species

Marine Species: Flying Fish

It’s always a treat to see a flying fish while on a dive boat. But how much do you know about these remarkable little creatures?