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Horrifying Plastic Pollution in Bali

Diving at Manta Point in Nusa Penida, Bali should mean a glorious encounter with graceful manta rays. Instead, as this diver filmed, it meant swimming in a sea of plastic pollution.


Most of us will never get to see Antarctica first-hand, so we'll have to rely on stunning images from videos like this one to satisfy us.

Great White Sea

Jump in the water with some great whites and come away with a whole new appreciation for their beauty, grace, and profound place in this world.

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Becoming an Eco-Friendly Dive Instructor

Instructors exert enormous influence over their students. Use your power for good and learn how to become an eco-friendly dive instructor.

International Year of the Reef

Green Fins International Year of the Reef Campaign: #RedefineTheDive

Green Fins kicks off an initiative to coincide with the International Year of the Reef, and encourages participants to #redefinethedive

City of Hawkinsville

Florida’s Underwater Archaeological Preserves: City of Hawkinsville

There are 12 Underwater Archaeological Preserves in Florida, scattered from the Panhandle to the Florida Keys. Today we visit the City of Hawkinsville.

Sunken Cities Exhibit
In the Water

Sunken Cities Exhibit to Open at St. Louis Art Museum

Starting on March 25, the St. Louis Art Museum will present “Sunken Cities: Egypt’s Lost Worlds,” showcasing some amazing underwater archaeological finds.