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Blue Shark Feeding Frenzy

When whales die, they become a feast for countless animals in the ocean. In this case, we get to witness some blue sharks getting their fill.

Bobbing Baby Nautilus Enters the World

Fourteen months of hope and hard work have led to the first-ever filming of a baby nautilus hatching for a team of researchers at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Life Symphony

Life Symphony, a tribute to Nature and its rhythms, is a stunning, three-minute compilation of three years of filming.

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Top Ten Dive Destinations Supporting Marine Reserves

Marine reserves around the world face unprecedented political and environmental challenges. Here are 10 of the top dive destinations supporting marine reserves.

2017 Hurricane Season
Conservation News

Caribbean Diving and Travel Conditions After the 2017 Hurricane Season

The 2017 hurricane season dealt the Caribbean a severe blow. What are the diving and travel conditions like in the region, and how can you help it recover?

Acropora coral
Conservation Marine Species

Identifying Acropora Corals in the Caribbean

Acropora corals, commonly known as staghorn or elkhorn corals, are one of the most abundant — and recognizable — corals worldwide.

Scuba Diving
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Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Skin Diving, Freediving: What’s the Difference?

You have plenty of friends who don’t dive. Here’s how to explain to them the difference between scuba diving, snorkeling, skin diving and freediving.