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coral reefs

Trials, Recovery, and Vulnerability of our Coral Reefs

This short video, shot in Australia, shows how simultaneously vulnerable and resilient our coral reefs are in the face of bleaching.

Rare Shots of a Blue Whale Feeding

The biggest eats some of the smallest and we get to see it thanks to a drone.

Sleeping Sperm Whales

Sperm whales sleeping, and possibly dreaming, is an unusual sight to see.

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dive boat leaves you behind
Training In the Water

What if the Dive Boat Leaves You Behind?

It’s every diver’s worst nightmare: you surface to find that the dive boat has left you behind. What should you do?

regulator free flows at depth

What if your regulator free flows at depth?

Although modern regulators are painstakingly designed to offer great reliability, sometimes things go wrong. What should you do if your regulator free-flows at depth?

Best Dive Shop
Travel Shops & Resorts In the Water

How to Choose the Best Dive Shop for Your Vacation

Checking a dive shop’s site and a travel app isn’t usually enough to verify a safe shop that will mesh well with you and your diving style. Use these questions to choose the best dive shop for your vacation.

help the ocean
Conservation In the Water

Eight Ways You Can Help the Ocean

Our oceans are in more trouble than ever before. In honor of World Oceans Day on June 8, we’ve compiled a list of eight ways you can help.