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coral reefs

Trials, Recovery, and Vulnerability of our Coral Reefs

This short video, shot in Australia, shows how simultaneously vulnerable and resilient our coral reefs are in the face of bleaching.

Rare Shots of a Blue Whale Feeding

The biggest eats some of the smallest and we get to see it thanks to a drone.

Sleeping Sperm Whales

Sperm whales sleeping, and possibly dreaming, is an unusual sight to see.

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Pacific Gas wreck
Dive Locations In the Water

Dive Site: Port Moresby’s Pacific Gas Wreck

The Pacific Gas tanker began life transporting liquefied gas from Australia, and has become one of Papua New Guinea’s most storied dive sites.

scuba diving in Raja Ampat
Travel Dive Locations

Scuba Diving in Raja Ampat

The scuba diving in Raja Ampat, Indonesia, is some of the best on the planet. Start planning your trip to this must-visit location with the tips below.

Smack of Jellyfish
Marine Species In the Water

What’s a Smack of Jellyfish?

Revel in this trove of nine enchantingly fanciful and marine-based collective nouns, including the charmingly named smack of jellyfish.

Diving in a Tidal Region
Training In the Water

Training Fundamentals: Diving in a Tidal Region

If you’re diving in a tidal region, you must take some time to plan your dive with a little more care.