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Episode 02. And Here We Must Run.

Check out the latest episode from Water Born!


Nudibranchs of Papua New Guinea

Unlike the common garden slug most of us encounter, the ocean's version is much more pleasant to look at it.

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Water Born. Episode One. Wreckage: An Enemy is Born.

The project’s ultimate mission is to re-inspire its audience, by using creative, out-of-the-box style filming, to create an appreciation and excitement for 73% of the planet ocean.

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8 Crazy Underwater Activities

Oceans, lakes, and other bodies of water are filled with tons of possibilities for fun adventures underwater. Here are a few options for unconventional events and activities. Which would you try?


Air to Spare

Should you bring a Spare Air on your next dive?

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Diving in Antarctica

The remote and remarkable continent of Antarctica is THE destination for incredible ice diving. Here’s what divers can expect when they venture into an expedition of its pristine polar waters.

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Dive Site: Ship Rock, Sydney, Australia

If you want to see a dive site where the healthy marine environment demonstrates the effectiveness of marine sanctuaries, then dive Ship Rock.