Jul 16

Kalinga Ornata Nudibranch

by Dustin Adamson   The Kalinga Ornata Nudibranch is one of the rarest nudibranchs to ever be seen. One will most likely go an entire diving career without seeing this... Read More

Jun 17

Octopuses of the Night

by Dustin Adamson The Octopus is a fascinating animal. They are incredibly intelligent and have very short life spans. The coconut octopus in particular becomes active during the night. Often... Read More

Jun 13

Fabien Cousteau To Spend a…

In 1963, legendary oceanographer Jacques Cousteau led a team of explorers to the bottom of the Red Sea to conduct an experiment named Conshelf Two. The team lived in an... Read More

Jun 4

Gearing Up For South Africa’s…

This weekend, while walking on the beaches of South Africa’s Eastern Cape, I watched from the shore as hundreds of Cape gannets thronged in a dense cloud above the water.... Read More

May 30

Rolling in the Deep –…

by Dustin Adamson A continuation of my Rolling in the Deep series, this short film focuses on the critters of Anilao Philippines. Shot with a Canon 5d Mark II with... Read More

May 28

The Australian Shark Cull Continues

by Madison Stewart It has become the first thing people associate with my nation when I’m overseas, and has become a source of shame for those once proud of being... Read More

May 24

A Quadcopter View of Snorkeling…

One afternoon at Utila Dive Center we take our dive boats, a group of excited snorkelers and a quad copter out to look for whale sharks, you gotta check what... Read More

May 17

Gigantic School of Rays

Check out a record-breaking school of mobular rays off the coast of Baja, possibly the largest school ever filmed!

May 15

Rolling in the Deep

by Dustin Adamson Underwater macro video can be tricky. You have to get the right lighting. You have to get a subject that will cooperate with you. You have to... Read More

May 4

Nudi Eat Nudi World

by Dustin Adamson I filmed this amazing footage in Anilao, Philippines. Where a nudibranch (Gymnodoris aurita), feeds on another nudibranch (Marionia sp.). I didn't even know they did this. The... Read More

Apr 23

Critter Planet

by Dustin Adamson The world is a mere speck of dust in our vast universe. That means we can't forget about the small stuff! Critter Planet was filmed in the... Read More

Apr 15

Shark Addicts

By Laura King ad·dic·tion əˈdikSHən/ noun 1. an unusually great interest in something or a need to do or have something Friends Cameron Nimmo and Mickey Smith, from Jupiter, Florida,... Read More

Apr 15

Cuttlefish Hunting – The Executioner

Guest Post by Dustin Adamson Cuttlefish are amazing creatures.  Much like their relative the Octopus, they are very adaptive to their surroundings, and can change colors and textures to blend in... Read More

Apr 14

Marine Iguanas – Galapagos Islands

by Dustin Adamson Sometimes dives can all mesh together and seem the same. During one dive in the Galapagos Islands, I saw something I haven't seen in almost 20 years... Read More

Apr 8

Marine Life Conservation & Eco-Tourism

by Adam Dorfman For decades, our oceans have been commercially overfished and this has caused a major imbalance in the oceans ecosystem. This balance begins with the Apex predators, which... Read More

Apr 7

Slow Life

 by Daniel Stoupin "Slow" marine animals show their secret life under high magnification. Corals and sponges are very mobile creatures, but their motion is only detectable at different time scales compared... Read More

Apr 5

Scuba Diving in a Tsunami

Several scuba divers are caught completely off guard by the sudden, violently swirling currents churned up by the 2004 tsunami that struck just off of Sri Lanka. (From Discovery Channel's... Read More

Apr 4

Dive Guide Touching Marine Life

I stumbled upon this video on YouTube the other day. The video showcases a dive guide capturing a puffer fish and making it puff up for his dive guests. I... Read More

Apr 1

Scuba Diving Poor Knights Island…

A dive at the Poor Knights is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Converging warm water currents, a micro-climate and thousands of years of separation from the mainland have resulted in a unique... Read More

Mar 30

Dana Point Dolphin Stampede

Watch as thousands of dolphins stampede through the waters of Dana Point, California.

  • Kalinga Ornata Nudibranch
  • Octopuses of the Night
  • Fabien Cousteau To Spend a Record-Breaking 31 Days Underwater
  • Gearing Up For South Africa’s Sardine Run
  • Rolling in the Deep – Anilao
  • The Australian Shark Cull Continues
  • A Quadcopter View of Snorkeling with Utila Whale Sharks
  • Gigantic School of Rays
  • Rolling in the Deep
  • Nudi Eat Nudi World
  • Critter Planet
  • Shark Addicts
  • Cuttlefish Hunting – The Executioner
  • Marine Iguanas – Galapagos Islands
  • Marine Life Conservation & Eco-Tourism
  • Slow Life
  • Scuba Diving in a Tsunami
  • Dive Guide Touching Marine Life
  • Scuba Diving Poor Knights Island Marine Reserve in 60secs
  • Dana Point Dolphin Stampede
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Jul 28

My Favorite Dive: Bare Island, Sydney, Australia

Bare Island, Australia

by Dr. Klaus M. Stiefel Mention Australian diving destinations and most people will first think about the Great Barrier Reef in tropical Queensland. But don’t overlook the Sydney area, which... Read More

Jul 27

Sharks and the Miracle of Virgin Birth

Leopardenhai Stegostoma fasciatum Zebra Shark

Sharks have inhabited the world’s oceans for over 400 million years, and in that time they’ve developed some amazing evolutionary characteristics. From snouts studded with complex electro-receptors to skin made... Read More

Jul 26

Learning To Coexist With Sharks

Young woman swimming with skarks i

Since Western Australia announced its shark cull at the end of last year, the question of whether humans and sharks can ever really coexist has been thrust into the spotlight.... Read More

Jul 25

Record-Breaking Marine Animals

seahorse on spunge

The world’s oceans are filled with incredible creatures, each of which has unique, amazing characteristics. Their abilities establish some of these creatures as record-breakers; here are a few of the... Read More

Jul 24

Planning Diving Vacations Made Easy: Book Now!

divebooker we invite you to join

We invite you to check out Divebooker.com – a brand new way to plan and book your diving online! All you need to plan your diving can now be found... Read More

Jul 24

The Mindful Diver: Part III

Relaxing on the beach

In this 3-part series, we’ll delve into scuba diving’s relationship with mindfulness, and how to use the practice to become a better diver. In the previous installment of this 3-part... Read More

Jul 23

Diving the Conestoga River

Horse Farm in Lancaster PA with brook in foreground and blue sky

The hills of Lancaster, Pennsylvania hold untold treasures for divers By Terry Papavasilis Among the rolling hills and lush green countryside of Lancaster, Pennsylvania lies a secret, hidden in the... Read More

Jul 22

Please Don’t Feed The Fish: How To Overcome Seasickness

Woman getting seasick on boat

By Juanita Pienaar As a diver, you’ll generally spend more time on boats than you will exploring the underwater world. Feeding the fish, mal de mer, seasickness — call it... Read More

Jul 21

Just How Smart Is The Smart Console?

smart console

  How many times have you tried and failed to get your buddy’s attention underwater? Most of the time it’s just to point out something of interest that they missed,... Read More

Jul 20

Scuba Cartoon: Longer Dives


Ever grow a beard while underwater?  This is the 43rd of our scuba cartoon series by Jerry King. Let us know what you think and submit your own if you... Read More