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Cave Diving - Cenote Nariz

Whether caves make you excited or queasy, you can't deny the beauty of a cave like this with incredible formations and clear water.

parrotfish mucus

Parrotfish Mucus for Vampire Protection?

What's the perfect recipe for getting a good night's sleep when you're surrounded by vampires?

giant cuttlefish

Giant Cuttlefish Gathering in Whyalla

Every year giant cuttlefish gather together to court and mate. And every year some lucky divers get to witness it!

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Caribbean Coral Identification
Marine Species In the Water

Basic Caribbean Coral Identification Part II: Soft Corals

You won’t look at the reef as a mere backdrop once you know some basic Caribbean coral identification. Today we look at soft corals.

Hardest to Spot Marine Creatures
Marine Species In the Water

Top Five Hardest to Spot Marine Creatures

Many of our favorite underwater critters are well camouflages. Which are the hardest to spot marine creatures? Here are our pics for the top five — happy hunting!

History In the Water

WWII History in Gizo and New Georgia

There’s plenty of WWII history to see topside and underwater on both Gizo and New Georgia in the remote Western Province of the Solomon Islands.

Cave Diver
News In the Water

Cave Diver Trapped For 60 Hours

A diver exploring a cave system in Mallorca was stranded underground for 60 hours when he and his buddy got lost. Luckily, his buddy was able to swim out and get help.