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Scuba Hunt Cozumel Makes a Splash

Can you and a teammate master a part scavenger hunt, part labyrinth and part escape room? Scuba Hunt Cozumel gives you the chance to do so underwater.

The sources of scuba diving innovation are usually about new equipment, new resort openings, or new liveaboard upgrades. The fundamental diving experience is typically a slight variation of letting your mind drift off while you savor a dive. 

Until now.


Scuba Hunt is a new, Cozumel-based underwater challenge game where you are actually diving with a mission. Can you and a teammate master a part scavenger hunt, part labyrinth and part escape room? Legend has it that Hurricane Wilma blew 90 huge concrete blocks into a natural maze where we have hidden a dozen clues. Teams will be tasked to find these clues without a map or compass (but a guide supervising nearby). Each clue will require teams to accomplish unusual twists on scuba skills and decipher puzzling codes. Teams will have 65 minutes in our shallow, 19-foot-deep (5.8 m) course to beat the clock and finish within 65 minutes to qualify to solve the final puzzle and win a small prize.  

Most dive experiences are about underwater sightseeing; Scuba Hunt is about sightdoing. Teamwork, concentration, communication, and coordination will be the keys to victory. It’s truly diving with a mission!

Don’t be fooled by the shallow depth, as navigating unpredictable currents is a part of the challenge of the game. So, this ain’t no DSD or freshly-minted, open-water certified graduate dive site. 

Whereas most traditional Cozumel dive shops operate remote and daylong 2-tank dives, Scuba Hunt is in town and only two minutes from our dive site, so our 1-tank experience can be completed in about two hours. It’s a niche/novelty dive for folks who want to squeeze in a late afternoon third dive after their host dive shop trip is finished. Or the combination of Scuba Hunt’s 1-tank and shallow dive is a safe and unique dive option for last-day-before-flying, instead of being stuck as a landlubber. Cruisers will appreciate our 1-tank dive as a no-rush, stress-free shore excursion.

Scuba Hunt has transformed diving into a team sport. So, bring your A-game to Cozumel and join us at the iconic seafront restaurant and hang-out Hemingway’s.

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