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The Ultimate Micronesian Dive Experience

Combine your dive liveaboard cruise in Philippines, Palau or Truk with diving in Yap and receive 10 percent off both.

Sunken Cities Exhibit
In the Water

Sunken Cities Exhibit to Open at St. Louis Art Museum

Starting on March 25, the St. Louis Art Museum will present “Sunken Cities: Egypt’s Lost Worlds,” showcasing some amazing underwater archaeological finds.

Paralenz DCC
Photo Gear & Techniques

Why is the Paralenz DCC Better Than Traditional Filters?

Most underwater cameras require filters to keep the colors in your images looking brilliant. But with the built-in Paralenz DCC, extra filters are a thing of the past.

Oceanic Whitetip
Conservation News

Oceanic Whitetip First Shark Listed as “Threatened” in the Continental U.S. Atlantic

The oceanic whitetip shark is the first to receive categorization as “threatened” in Atlantic continental United States waters

New stuff
Macro Images

Shooting for a Black or Blue Background in Macro Images

Once you’ve mastered lighting in your underwater compositions, it’s time to learn how to shoot for a black or blue background in your macro images.
by Guest Author
Drysuit P-Valve

Introduction to the Drysuit P-Valve

There are divers who pee in their wetsuits and divers who lie about it. But what if you’re in a drysuit when the urge strikes? A drysuit p-valve can save the day.
by Richard Devanney
undersea vegetarians

The Undersea Vegetarians of Wakatobi

Plant-based diets have gained a lot of popularity in recent years, but plenty of marine animals have always eaten this way. Meet the ahead-of-the-trend vegetarians of Wakatobi Dive Resort. 
by Guest Author
Lemon Shark

Diving the Lemon Shark Aggregation of Jupiter

From December to late March, the waters off Jupiter Florida are home to a spectacular lemon shark aggregation.
by Chris Vyvyan-Robinson