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Paralenz vaquita
In the Water News Release

Paralenz Vaquita Launch Rescheduled

The much anticipated Paralenz Vaquita will have a release date of late July.

dive into the pink
In the Water

Dive into the Pink Announces “Sharing Our Air” Photo Competition

Dive into the Pink Announces “Sharing Our Air” Photo Competition

Identify Your Scuba Gear

A Message from PADI CEO Drew Richardson: Coming Together in Crisis

For our beloved family in the diving industry across the world, the impact and disruption from COVID-19 is like nothing we have ever seen before.

Paralenz Vaquita
News Release

New Paralenz Vaquita Turns Regular Divers into Citizen Scientists

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blue and mako sharks

Diving with Blue and Mako Sharks in South Africa

You’ll cover some serious nautical miles when diving with blue and mako sharks in South Africa — but the long boat ride will be well worth it.
by Guest Author
One Island One Voice

Conservation Spotlight: One Island One Voice

The enterprising kids who created the conservation organization Bye Bye Plastic Bags’ on Bali are at it again with One Island One Voice.
by Hélène Reynaud
White Star Quarry

Dive Site: White Star Quarry

White Star Park near Gibsonburg, Ohio offers 800 acres of lovely scenery, and features White Star Quarry, a freshwater lake perfect for a day’s diving.
by Juanita Pienaar
Joseph Bosquez scientific diving

What is Scientific Diving?

Professional diver Joseph Bosquez offers insights into working with NASA and the world of scientific diving.
by Guest Author