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Paralenz launches Vaquita, the world’s first camera with a mission

Paralenz today announced that the Paralenz Vaquita is now available globally

COPENHAGEN, April 2021 – Paralenz today announced that the Paralenz Vaquita is now available globally for a retail price of $749 USD/€749 at select retail stores,, and on the official website. Paralenz Vaquita is a small, yet powerful underwater camera with a mission. Seamlessly capture and share brilliant underwater videos with the world to make an impact.

Vaquita is packed with new technology

Paralenz VaquitaThe new Paralenz Vaquita features a brand-new, patent-pending Auto-DCC (Depth-Controlled Color Correction), which enables the Vaquita to automatically detect green or blue water and apply a digital color filter for breathtaking true-to-nature recordings.

Equipped with a new, powerful chip — the Ambarella H2s65 — and image sensor — the Sony IMC577 — the Paralenz Vaquita records smoother and higher quality videos up to 4K in 60 fps.

On the backside of the Vaquita, a new True Color OLED display serves as a handy viewfinder with real-time dive overlay, showing the current time and temperature.

More amazing features include: auto-record function, customizable recording overlay settings, customizable recording modes, connection to the Paralenz App (now with improved antenna and added Bluetooth-compatibility), and much more.

Paralenz VaquitaAn underwater camera with a mission

The Vaquita is packed with sensors for comprehensive data collection to document the conditions of the ocean: conductivity, temperature, depth, and location (GPS).

The GPS sensor makes it possible for divers to share their dive footage as pins on the map, available in the Paralenz App. This new feature enables users to view dives from all over the world to seek inspiration or research conditions for future dive trips, and get a clear overview of where they have been and where they want to go. With every dive consumers share as a story through the Paralenz App, they are also sharing valuable ocean data from their dive with marine scientists and conservation organizations worldwide, and help them in their mission to save our ocean.

Why “Vaquita?”

The Paralenz Vaquita is designed for people who seek out the Ocean as a place to fulfill their longing for exploration, adventure, or the pure joy of feeling weightless underwater. No matter if you are a scuba diver, tech diver, free diver, surfer, snorkeler, or just love to get your feet wet — if your destination is the ocean, the Paralenz Vaquita offers the best possible recording experience for everybody.

As an ocean company, Paralenz feels obligated to educate and inspire, and therefore chose to integrate the mission of ocean regeneration in the name of its newest camera. According to IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), the Vaquita whale is a critically endangered marine species with less than 19 in existence. Their sad story raises awareness about how human interests impact the livelihood of entire species, wiping them out entirely for profit. The “Vaquita” is a tribute to the ones that remain.

Paralenz Vaquita: Key Features

Easy to use

Intuitive handling for undisturbed diving: perfect fit, even with gloves, and vibration feedback.

Ultra light-sensitive lens

Dive deeper with the most light-sensitive lens a compact underwater camera can offer.

True Color OLED Display

Frame the perfect shot with the live viewfinder. Monitor your dive with the information overlay.

Flexible Recording Settings

Record smooth, colorful, and detailed underwater videos from 720p–4K, and 30–240 fps.

Automatic Depth-Controlled Color Correction

Auto-DCC: adjusts white balance relative to dive depth. No filters needed.

Connects with free Paralenz App

Upload, organize, edit, and share your recordings. Help save our Ocean by sharing Ocean data.

Integrated GPS

Logs exact descend and ascend location of your recordings. Find past dive spots again easily.

Waterproof down to 350m / 1150ft

Waterproof down to 350m – right out of the box. No additional housing needed.


If you have further questions, please contact Marko Tukic.