The Galapagos Evolution Expedition

Cressi is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, and that called for something special. Follow along on the epic Galapagos Evolution expedition.

Cressi is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year — and that called for something special. The epic Galapagos Evolution expedition (#galapagosexpedition) was the result. Cressi Ambassadors from around the world met in the incomparable Galapagos Islands for a collaboration of free divers and scuba divers in the spirit of conservation instead of competition.

With the expedition, Cressi sought for people to understand that as humans, we have the power to change and develop — to evolve. There was no better place than the Galapagos, the cradle of evolution. We’ve got all the technological advancements in the world, but without real human change, technology is meaningless. Our evolution to become more conservation-minded can have a huge positive impact on the marine environment. Only species that are most responsive to change can survive, as Charles Darwin once said, but only if we can evolve and adapt to change together.

The final outcome of the expedition will be a documentary featuring all Cressi Ambassadors. It it, they’ll promote conservation and co-existence of marine life and marine sanctuaries, marking the first time a freediving expedition to the Galapagos was recorded with scuba divers’ help.

Participating in the expedition were a number of freediving legends, including Guillaume Néry, professional freediver and world champion, Roberto Ochoa, videographer for Planeta Azul Ocean Conservation television show, Ocean Ramsey, marine biologist and competitive freediver, Leo Morales, scuba world record holder, Pierre Cousteau, Cousteau Divers founder, Juan Oliphant, underwater photographer, Estrella Navarro, professional freediver, Natalie Parra, free diver and environmentalist, and Pelayo Salinas, marine scientist for the Charles Darwin Foundation.

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