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Advanced Open Water | Padi Certification

In order to dive beyond your meters you must finish the PADI Advanced course or the equivalent course with an additional organization.

Most dive centers will permit you to go beyond that limit within the course of your diving, if conditions dictate. If the diving centers are willing to take you a bit deeper, is the formal course required?

The answer is yes. If you’re diving using relevant holiday insurance, it’ll possibly just cover you for as far as your present training qualifies you. If you’re involved within an accident, then find your computer reading a maximum depth of twenty meters, and possess just the Open Water certification, you’ve given the insurer an excuse to not pay you. This will leave you footing the bills for the medical treatment. For this purpose, the better diving centers will additionally stop you from getting into the water for the deeper dive if you’re under-qualified.

What’s included in the Advanced Open Water course? The course, unlike almost every one of the remainder of the PADI courses, will be solely a dive course. There’s no multiple choice examination papers at the completion of this one, you just perform the diving, then you’ve finished the course. There are only five dives to perform.

The five dives are every one of the 1st dives from the different specialty courses which PADI offers. You could select any 3 from all that are obtainable at the diving center. Add to these 2 of the compulsory elements of the navigation dive and deep dive and you will be a PADI Advanced diver.

You might begin with the navigational dive. It is done within shallow water. Then there’s the primary dive of the course, the deep dive. Within this dive, you’ll steadily increase your depth. You could pick other dives in which you’ll tell your instructor what you need to be aware of, then perform the dive.

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