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Rescue Diver | Padi Certification

The Rescue Diver course could be, at times, a challenging course, yet it's additionally very rewarding.

A Rescue Diving course will teach the novice diver to avoid, recognize, and wherever needed, handle emergency situations, getting you ready for the unexpected, then teaching you to stand upon your own 2 feet. This two to three day course will be made to build upon a student’s diving understanding and knowledge, teaching them how vital it will be to frequently take notice of not only their own safety, yet that of their friend and other divers, as well. The Rescue Diving course will be the ideal addition to all scuba diving holidays. This course will be highly rewarding and will boost your diving confidence and knowledge immensely. The experienced divers say that the Rescue Diving course was the most helpful course they ever took.

The Rescue Diver program develops your skills and knowledge in order for you to efficiently do diver rescues and assists, manage diving accident occasions and perform first aid. This program will be a vital step within increasing your experience and knowledge as a diver. The Rescue Diver certification will additionally be a prerequisite for every PADI leadership program. In order to be accepted into this program, you will have to be PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certified and be a minimum of twelve years of age.

The subjects that’re covered within this course will be:

• underwater issues
• surfacing an unconscious diver
• exits
• diver accident situations
• diver stress and self-rescue
• diver first aid
• equipment considerations and emergency management
• non swimming and swimming assists
• panicked diver response
• missing diver procedures
• in-water artificial respiration
• first aid treatments for pressure associated accidents

Enrollment necessities for the Rescue Diver course will be the same as the Advanced Open Water Diver course, yet with the extra requirement of first aid and CPR training in the last 2 years.

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