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Master Scuba Diver | Padi Certification

The Master Scuba Diver certification will be a diving certification level that is offered by many diver training organizations, like PADI.

Though the certification’s methodology and contents vary between the organizations, they’re all consistent due to them being the top rating of non-professional certifications which are provided by those types of organizations. The Master Scuba Diving certification includes the highest level of recreational diving certification.

The International Association of Technical and Nitrox Divers name for the equivalent certification will be referred to as the Elite Diver.

Many agencies possess a minimum age of fifteen to take a Master Scuba Diver course, though a few will allow Junior Master Scuba Divers certifications.

PADI gives the Master Scuba Diver rating to all divers who perform:

– The Rescue Diver course
– Fifty dives
– The Advanced Open Water Diver course
– 5 different PADI specialty courses

The Master Scuba Diver level indicates a high level proficiency and achievement in diving skills, underwater activities and experience. Would you wish to explore the sea like you’ve never done before as well as live the lifestyle of a diver? Do you wish to be the best within recreational diving? If the answer is yes, you will wish to go to a dive center to perform the challenge. This will be where the better divers come to play, due to the diving possibilities being endless.

Nobody said prestige will be easy to achieve, yet it will be worth it. With this certification, it’ll open up a newer confidence level, if you’re exploring the Cape Grecko Caverns, diving the Zenobia Shipwreck or exploring the thrilling diving environments worldwide. However, you do not need to stop there. You could continue on to be a professional. With this certification, you’ll be qualified to become a PADI Divemaster, with the right training.

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