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Deep Blue Resort Utila & Whale Shark Research

The Deep Blue Utila Resort includes a Gold Palm Five Star Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) Resort as well...

The Deep Blue Utila Resort includes a Gold Palm Five Star Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) Resort as well as the all-inclusive venue for the scuba diving vacations. The Deep Blue Resort Utila is situated within an exquisite beach front area referred to as Pretty Bush, and it’s surrounded by the coconut palms and has ten air conditioned, spacious deluxe rooms, every one including huge private balconies which overlook its personal white sandy beach as well as clear, blue Caribbean waters. Each one of the guests will have accessibility to an unlimited quantity of shore dives, day or night, within three of their ideal south side diving sites. A reef begins at the line of the shore.

Whale Sharks

Shockingly, there’s not much that’s really understood concerning the world’s hugest fish. The Whale Sharks will be protected within Honduras, with Utila being on their primary migration path. The scuba dive vacation with the Deep Blue Utila offers visitors the chance of viewing and snorkeling with the incredible creatures of the sea.

Whale Shark Research Project

Over the following 5 years, Utila’s Whale Shark Project of research will offer updated data to add to a gradually increasing knowledge base. The photos captured of the whale sharks will be added to the ECOCEAN, the international database of whale sharks. Within the year 2007 as well as the year 2008, one whale shark was kept track of through 3 separate countries: Mexico, Belize as well as Honduras.

These are very special weeks and an exciting time, for 4 weeks every year we invite our customers to participate in this special project.

Details on Whale Shark Research Weeks

Blue Utila allow up to 12 guests per week at a time to maximize everyone’s chance of seeing the whale sharks, also they will have a second boat out spotting while the guests are diving so even when you are diving they will be looking for them for you.

During your weeks stay there will be 2 or 3 talks in the evenings.

All normal diving will be conducted but they will spend more time looking for whale sharks as this is the object of these weeks.

If you have still or video cameras they will explain how to photo and video whale sharks so that your pictures can be entered in the database, this will help researchers worldwide.

You will be shown the methods of research that they are using and how the whale shark world is working together to find out more about these amazing creatures. We will ask customers to fill in sightings forms that will assist our research. If you are interested in these weeks book early we do have many returning guests that come back every year and they book up very quickly.

Scuba Dives

Scuba dives on Utila will be varied and rich and will have over ninety buoyed diving sites that surround the island. Utila’s northern side will be a portion of the 2nd hugest barrier reef within the world that has awesome sheer walls that drop to beyond one-thousand meters. Utila’s southern side will consist primarily of fringing reefs, with the tip of this reef at about five meters which drops down in between thirty and forty meters. Of course, then, within the surface intervals, the search for whale sharks will be on, which will be a scuba diver’s bliss!

The 2011 scheduled weeks of Whale Shark research:

Saturday, March 19 through Saturday, March 26
Saturday, March 26 through Saturday, April 2
Saturday, April 2 through Saturday, April 9
Saturday April 9 through Saturday April 16

These’re extremely unique weeks as well as an incredible time, for four weeks each year, they invite their customers to participate within this unique project.

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