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The Paralenz Has Everything You Need

The small Paralenz Dive Camera has started to make a big impact on divers. Here’s what you can do with this must-have addition to your underwater photography gear.  

Thanks to the simplicity and quality of the Paralenz, this small dive camera has started to make a big impact on how divers capture and share their underwater footage — and with good reason. Here’s what the Paralenz can do for you.

Ditch the extra gear

Diving is an equipment-heavy sport and adding an action camera into the mix with filters that break, fall off or get scratched — not to mention a housing that eventually leaks and ruins your camera — is just one burden too many. Many divers have spent hundreds of dollars on something that ends up taking space in your sock drawer rather than underwater. This is where the Paralenz Dive Camera steps in with the first all-in-one camera solution for divers. Straight off the camera you’ll get quality recordings with beautiful colors — no housing or filters needed. And as a bonus, you’ll have room for those sweet new socks you’ve been eyeing because your Paralenz will come with you on every dive.

Quality underwater videos made easy

You just want to enjoy your dives withough constantly checking and adjusting settings and filters on your camera, not to mention worrying if it’s recording at all when you encounter a whale shark for the first time. And even after the dive you’ll still have to go through each picture or video. These concerns were very real before the Paralenz emerged. Now you don’t even have to look at the camera to know if it’s on — pull the button back and it vibrates to let you know if you’re recording or which mode it’s in.

The Paralenz is all you need

The Paralenz is waterproof to 650 feet (200 m) right out of the box so you can jump straight in without messing around with a housing that will likely flood at some point, leading to a ruined camera and lost memories. And, as we mentioned, you no longer need external color filters to capture beautiful footage. The depth-controlled color correction (DCC) continuously changes the colors in your images based on depth. This equates to bringing 100s of individual color filters and changing them every time you descend or ascend just a bit. No hassle, just dive.

It all adds up in the end

Paralenz World Compilation 5 from Paralenz on Vimeo.

When it comes to the cost of the Paralenz Dive Camera, you’re getting a lot more than you pay for. To bring other action camera brands underwater you need to buy additional filters, a waterproof casing and mounts to use the camera. Compare the results of this cumbersome bundle with the combined features and user experience of the Paralenz Dive Camera and it becomes clear that this is the camera that gives you the most bang for your buck. Aside from getting a product actually built for divers, you also support a team dedicated to their passion for creating tech solutions for divers and ocean conservation.

For more, check out the Paralenz World Facebook Group and watch videos from the users — and add your own, once you join the Paralenz family.