Getting to Know the Blue Mind Life

With constant dings and notifications demanding our attention, one of the best ways to unplug is through the power of the ocean and tapping into your blue mind.

Our ever-quickening pace of life and constant demands on our attention make it difficult to take time out to relax. But doing so is not only desirable — it’s absolutely necessary for our health. One of the best ways to feel better is to connect with the power of water and enjoy time with the ocean. And that’s where blue mind comes in.

What is blue mind?

Originally the title of a bestselling book by Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, ‘blue mind’ is a concept that explores the calming effect that water has on people. It is, according to Nichols, the “surprising science that shows how being near, in, on, or underwater can make you happier, healthier, more connected, and better at what you do.”

Blue mind is a mildly meditative and relaxed state people enter when they connect with water somehow. We know that when people spend time in nature, their brains and bodies respond physiologically and thought patterns change. The blue-mind concept expands on this idea and explores how time near water results in more focus on innovation, connectedness, and relaxation. And those can only be good things given today’s hectic lifestyles.

What are the benefits of blue mind?

The benefits of blue mind are huge. A blue mind is relaxed and able to innovate, succeed, remove boundaries to creativity, and focus on the bigger picture. It is an enabling state of mind that positively impacts wellbeing, reduces stress, and improves relaxation. All of these can be helpful in daily life, as well as when scuba diving. A clear mind is essential for making the right decisions underwater and for enjoying safe dives. In contrast, a red state of mind is typified by lack of choices, limitations, boundaries and the inability to think freely or with an open mind. This type of mindset commonly accompanies stress and frustration.

How can divers achieve blue mind?

Divers can achieve the calm of blue mind when they spend time with water. Island hopping and diving in warm, clear waters, such as when Maldives liveaboard diving, is certainly going to help. Being on and in the water while spending time with like-minded ocean fans is a great way to encourage a relaxed state of being.

There are other ways to achieve a blue mind, such as when taking a shower, watering the garden, walking alongside water, admiring a view of water, or when swimming. In other words, blue mind is possible any time a person is in contact with water. You can also induce this state when meditating by focusing on water-based scenes.

How can divers get involved in promoting blue mind?

The 100 Days of Blue campaign, run by Blue Mind Life, asks people to get in, on, near or underwater daily for 100 days and to share their experiences through their networks and on social media platforms. The campaign aims to expand peoples’ awareness of the vital role the ocean plays in human health and wellbeing. Divers can get involved by getting out there, diving, and sharing their experiences online with the #bluemind tag. The campaign begins on Memorial Day and ends on Labor Day each year.

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