The Paralenz Dive Camera: Tested by Divers for Divers

The Paralenz Dive Camera was built by divers, for divers. And it was tested by divers too. Here’s what a worldwide group of water enthusiasts has to say about the new camera.

As you might have read in the previous article, “The Paralenz Dive Camera Is Here,” this brand-new underwater-action camera has introduced some groundbreaking features to underwater videography. The Paralenz was developed for divers, by divers. This is apparent in every aspect of its design, from the form-factor and mounting system to amazing new features like depth-controlled color-correction (DCC), which eliminates the need for color filters. It’s got a 200-m depth-rating straight out of the box, no external housing needed. These are just some of the reasons we think the Paralenz is the best underwater action camera for divers, but don’t take our word for it — here’s what five of our top reviewers think.

Andy Harris 

Andy Harris is a PADI Divemaster and avid amateur photographer. 

“I’ve worked out that from now on in, I will only need the Paralenz on my dive trips,” says Harris. “That means after weighing all the rest of my camera gear, I’m going to be saving around 15 to 18 pounds (7 to 8 kg) on my luggage allowance. Whoop whoop!”

Chase Johnson

Avid spearfisher and firefighter Chase Johnson lives in Hawaii. He frequently goes freediving with his son when he’s not busy putting out fires.

“I have used some of the other popular action cameras, but they don’t compare to the Paralenz when it comes to diving,” says Johnson.

“My favorite Paralenz feature is that it automatically color corrects your footage when you dive. So much color disappears when you dive underwater and it is obvious with other cameras. This is not an issue with Paralenz. The camera automatically adjusts for the color loss, making the quality of footage amazing. Your videos just come out better looking, clearer, and so crisp that they don’t need to be edited to look great. Simply put, it’s the best action camera there is for diving”

Elyse Labont

Elyse Labont lives in Canada and does most of her diving with her local dive club.

“I loved that without much knowledge about underwater videos I was able to produce some awesome videos without any modification,” she says. “I love the DCC! For someone new to video-making like me, it makes it so much more accessible. I have a feeling I am making a moon jump in terms of learning compared with any other camera.”

Emily Pepperman

“I have had a few different cameras that you could use underwater,” says Pepperman, a trimix diver and Divemaster.

“All of them needed a separate housing. I didn’t like diving with them and usually worried about flooding. I found most of the cameras were distracting to my diving overall. The simplicity and different mask mount makes the Paralenz less intrusive in my dives, but I still feel I’ll catch the shots when I want to.

Jesper Stechmann

Jesper Stechmann is a former freediving world champion who runs a dive center in Malta with his wife.

“When freediving, we are often moving quite fast through the water, with many dives to and from the surface,” he says.

“I have tried red filters on other cameras, but when freediving they are not really practical because we move so much up and down. So, the automatic filter is a big plus for me. Also, the depth-clearance of 656 feet (200 m) makes the Paralenz useful as both a bottom camera for competition setups and for deep freediving videos.”