The Paralenz Dive Camera: Simple Enough for a Child to Use

Everything about the Paralenz Dive Camera is made to be as intuitive as possible to let you focus on your dive. In fact, it’s simple enough for a child to use.

Lugging around and learning to operate heavy camera gear is an unappealing (and unaffordable) option for many divers. Enter the new Paralenz Dive Camera, designed by divers for divers to easy to operate underwater. The design is based on a flashlight, which makes it easy to locate the buttons. The torch-like shape is also perfect for dealing with pressure and drag. It has an intuitive interface that you can operate with gloves and the camera’s haptic feedback always lets you know what it’s doing. The combination of design and features makes this camera so easy to use you could hand it to a child. Read on to find out why.

Magnetic switches and vibration feedback

The traditional push-buttons on most action cameras are too small, give too little feedback, don’t work very well under higher pressure, and are practically impossible to use with gloves. The Paralenz, on the other hand, has all magnetic switches and vibration feedback, which instantly lets you know what the camera is doing. You never really need to look at the display, as each function has a distinctive vibration pattern that tells you the camera’s current mode, or if it has started or stopped recording. Another bonus: the magnetic switches work at any pressure. 

Intuitive torch shape

Getting a new camera means investing a lot of time learning the layout of the buttons. And searching for the right one can mean missing the shot. But Paralenz has designed their camera like a dive torch so you can intuitively locate the buttons with little to no practice. The shape makes it very easy to know where you’re aiming and the 140-degree wide-angle lens means you’ll capture clear, fish-eye free, color-graded footage of whatever is in front of the camera. 


Ever forgotten to start the camera before your dive? You don’t have to worry about that anymore with the Paralenz. Once you enable the AutoRecord feature, all you need to do is jump in. The camera will automatically start to record and stop again when you return to the surface. Don’t think about the camera, just dive.


Toggling between video and photo modes during a dive is a thing of the past. SnapRecord has both modes in one — just click once for a picture and hold down to record video.

Using SnapRecord, you only record the memories you want. This way you don’t end up with gigabytes of footage you have to move, store and edit to find the bits you want to keep.

DCC: Depth-controlled Color Correction

With the invention of DCC, Paralenz has eliminated the need for color filters. You get brighter footage and clearer colors from the surface to the bottom with no need to fiddle with filters or color-correct your footage later. You can share clean, color-graded, underwater footage, straight off the camera. Read more about the innovative Paralenz DCC here. 

Check out the Paralenz World Facebook Group to see amazing footage straight from the Paralenz Dive Camera taken by users from all over the world.