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Mammalz Announces Beta Launch in Late August

Community-driven creator platform Mammalz seeks nature photographers and filmmakers to participate

Mammalz, a groundbreaking media ecosystem designed to advance the relationship between humans and nature, will launch a beta version of their community-driven creator platform in late August 2019. The platform is seeking nature photographers and filmmakers to sign up early and be among the first to upload content and gain followers. The first beta iteration of the app will be functional on iOS and the web and will be capped at 10,000 users. Anyone interested in participating should subscribe to the Mammalz newsletter to receive instructions. 

Mammalz is at once brand-new and totally familiar. It combines elements found on other social platforms in a way that users will find intuitive to use, yet offers the nature community unique tools to connect, communicate, and support each other. It also offers creators the chance to monetize their content.

Mammalz is the first niche platform to bring the global, nature-loving community together in one place to share and socialize any type of media. Creators can upload any type of content, including photographs, videos, podcasts, and 360/VR. Plus, anyone can live stream and enjoy real-time chat interactions with their followers. Everything a user contributes is organized in their “Habitat” profile page. Users can choose what type of content should appear in their feed by following creators or browsing the Explore section to find new topics. The Discussion tab offers users the chance to start or join a discussion about any topic. 

While Mammalz is free to everyone to upload and view content, perhaps the most unique and exciting aspect of Mammalz is the fact that creators can monetize their content. Mammalz will make community-tipping tools available to every user regardless of status as a way to democratize the nature-media industry so that everyone has a fair chance to make a living, support a cause, or raise funds for a specific project.

Rob Whitehair, co-founder and CEO, has been in the natural-history business for over 20 years. “Today I am more excited than ever about the potential to achieve a cultural shift in the relationship between humans and nature,” explains Whitehair.

“I believe we can exploit that potential with three simple ideas. First, we create a nature-specific interactive platform that jibes with how younger generations consume media. Then, we completely democratize the nature-media industry, opening the gates up to diverse voices across the globe to tell us their stories. Finally, we create a powerful engine that can help creators monetize their content. By doing that, we create a global, interactive community of storytellers, scientists, and the public, all on a single platform, sharing their ideas and love for the natural world.”

Alex Finden, co-founder and COO, is an underwater filmmaker and cinematographer. He’s excited about the opportunity for creators to make a living on Mammalz.

“Our (millennial) generation grew up watching incredibly inspiring series like BBC’s ‘Planet Earth,’” he says. “So, it’s no wonder that many of us dream about being a wildlife filmmaker or photographer. The hard reality is that those jobs no longer exist — not because there’s no money in it, but because the way we’ve been making money is no longer profitable. We’re ready to help change that. Look at what Twitch has done for the video gaming industry. They created an interactive platform driven by community and centered around influencers, and now 15 million daily active users have a home for sharing their passions for gaming. They also created full-time jobs for almost 30,000 streamers and democratized their industry. Mammalz hopes to do the same for the nature-media industry.” 


About Mammalz

Founded by wildlife filmmakers Rob Whitehair and Alexander Finden, Mammalz is the “Twitch for Nature,” a next-generation community platform for sharing and interacting with all forms of nature media. Whether you are a professional media maker, scientist, educator, artist, writer, or one of over 600 million nature enthusiasts across the planet, Mammalz provides you with the tools to personalize your experience, share your love of nature, and truly make a difference. 

Mammalz, PBC is a Public Benefit Corporation founded in May 2018 and headquartered in San Diego, CA.

The Mammalz mission is to promote a greater global public understanding of nature and the environment while acting as a bridge between science, media makers, and the public.

Rob Whitehair, Co-Founder and CEO

Rob is a 20-year veteran of the natural-history film industry. He is a multi-award-winning filmmaker, producer, and executive who has directed, produced and shot films for broadcast and theatrical markets worldwide. He is known throughout the industry for his vision, leadership, inspiration and his ability to take seemingly impossible ideas and turn them into a reality. Mammalz is the culmination of Rob’s dream to create a next-generation media platform that will connect people on a global scale through their love for nature.  

Alexander Finden, Co-Founder and COO

Inspired by the underwater world, Alex is a highly creative, award-winning wildlife filmmaker, divemaster, YouTube channel manager, Twitch content editor, and operational guru. He is known for being a master of details, turning ideas into actions, and keeping calm in the storm. Alex is fascinated with portable live-streaming technologies and plans to encourage outdoor streaming as one of the most popular content types on Mammalz.