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Lembeh: A Photographer’s Dream

Legendary Lembeh, just off northern Sulawesi in Indonesia, is a photographer’s dream. There’s no better muck diving in the world, so keep your eyes open and your camera at the ready — you never know what you’ll see.

Lembeh Strait offers world-class muck diving and a chance to see more critters than you can count. Between northern Sulawesi and the island of Lembeh in Indonesia, it’s at the top of many bucket lists. Here, carefully searching the brown sand pays off with sightings of octopus, frogfish, cuttlefish and everything in between. Underwater photographers can find everything from octopus to frogfish. Dive sites rarely exceed 20 meters, so you’ll have plenty of bottom time to search out all the weird and wacky Lembeh residents. Happy hunting!

All photos taken by Scuba Diver Life with the SeaLife Cameras Micro 2.0.




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