Marcus Knight

Marcus Knight

Marcus Knight (aka “The Scuba Monkey”) first dived during the ‘90s and was bitten by the scuba bug. During the years that followed, Marcus became absorbed in diving and, today, is a Master Instructor for both PADI and SSI.

With over a decade as a professional diver, Marcus has lived and taught
scuba around the world, including Australia, Asia, the Mediterranean Sea and the wreck heaven of Scapa Flow in the Orkney Islands. Check out his website here.

Stories by Marcus
Basic Fish ID
Marine Species In the Water

Basic Fish ID: Part I

With over 20,000 different species of fish it can be hard to know what you’re looking at when you dive. Here’s the first of a two-part series on basic fish ID for 10 different families of commonly seen aquatic life.

PADI Advanced Open Water Adventure Dives
Training In the Water

Choosing Your PADI Advanced Open Water Adventure Dives

The PADI Advanced Open Water course offers a choice of three different adventure dives to complete your course. Which should you choose?

Training New to Scuba In the Water

Diving Fundamentals: Equalizing when Diving

As land mammals, we must short-circuit physiology when we scuba dive. Equalizing as we descend helps adapt our bodies to our temporary environment. Here’s why and how.

Scuba Finning Techniques
Training In the Water

Diving Fundamentals: Scuba Finning Techniques

Passing your Open Water course is not the end of learning how to fin well — it’s the beginning. The best divers know how to frog kick, helicopter turn and reverse fin. Here’s why and how to apply these scuba finning techniques.

New stuff
Vobster Quay

Virgin Start-Up Backed Company Creating Artificial Reef at Vobster Quay

A Virgin Start-Up-backed company, ARC Marine, is creating an artificial reef at premier U.K. dive site Vobster Quay in 2017.
by Kathryn Curzon
Reef Check

Conservation Spotlight: Reef Check

In this series of articles, we’ll profile conservation organizations focused on ocean protection. Today we’re profiling Reef Check.
by Hélène Reynaud
using a compass underwater

Using a Compass Underwater

Many divers stop learning about underwater navigation after their first open-water course. But using a compass underwater properly is a vital skill.
by Marcus Knight
Snorkel When Scuba Diving

Should You Wear a Snorkel When Scuba Diving?

We’re not going to solve the age-old argument of whether you should wear a snorkel when scuba diving, but will offer a list of pros and cons to help you decide.
by Hélène Reynaud