Marcus Knight

Marcus Knight

Marcus Knight (aka “The Scuba Monkey”) first dived during the ‘90s and was bitten by the scuba bug. During the years that followed, Marcus became absorbed in diving and, today, is a Master Instructor for both PADI and SSI.

With over a decade as a professional diver, Marcus has lived and taught
scuba around the world, including Australia, Asia, the Mediterranean Sea and the wreck heaven of Scapa Flow in the Orkney Islands. Check out his website here.

Stories by Marcus
Scuba Diving Entries and Exits
In the Water New to Scuba Training

Safe Scuba Diving Entries and Exits Part II: Exiting the Water

Safe scuba diving entries and exits are key to a good day of diving. In the second of a two-part series, we’ll discuss exiting the water.

Scuba Diving Entries
In the Water

Safe Scuba Diving Entries and Exits Part I: Entering the Water

Safe scuba diving entries and exits are key to a good day of diving. In a two-part series, we’ll discuss both, beginning with entering the water.

Solo Diving
New to Scuba Training

Training Fundamentals: Pros and Cons of Solo Diving

Even today, solo diving is a controversial subject among divers. Why would you dive alone? What are the pros and cons of solo diving? 

New to Scuba Resources Training

Diving Fundamentals: Equalizing and Alternative Techniques

Your body’s air spaces endure near-constant pressure changes when diving. What are the best methods for equalizing them?

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Dive into the Pink Announces 2018 Think Pink Photo Competition

Nonprofit organization Dive into the Pink announces the second annual Think Pink photo competition.
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Alternatives to Anchoring

Green Fins IYOR 2018 Campaign Part 2: Alternatives to Anchoring

Anchoring on a reef causes damage not only to the natural environment but also potentially to divers. Here are some alternatives to anchoring.
by Guest Author
Save the Ocean

Seven Steps You Can Take to Help Save the Ocean

Although the problems may seem insurmountable, you can help save the ocean through direct action. Here are seven steps you can take today.
by Chris Vyvyan-Robinson
Best Kelp Dives

World’s Best Kelp Dives

Diving in kelp has been likened to diving in an underwater forest. Here are our picks for the world’s best kelp dives.
by Chris Vyvyan-Robinson