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avoid seasickness
Health New to Scuba In the Water

Top Tips to Avoid Seasickness

Nothing can ruin a day on a dive boat faster than that queasy feeling. Here are a few of our top tips to avoid seasickness next time you’re on the water.

Marine reserves
Conservation In the Water

The World’s Top Five Marine Reserves

While they currently protect only 3 percent of the world’s oceans, marine reserves are nonetheless vital when it comes to ocean health. Here are our picks for the top five.

Best Diving in New Caledonia
Travel Dive Locations In the Water

Best Diving in New Caledonia

Tiny New Caledonia, in the South Pacific between Brisbane, Australia and Fiji, is a diver’s paradise. Here’s a peek at the best diving in New Caledonia.

Shark Charities
Conservation In the Water

Five Top Shark Charities

It’s easier than ever to learn about marine conservation issues, but how can you get involved? Here are five top shark charities that offer opportunities to help.

New stuff

Swimwear Recycled from the Sea

Fourth Element introduces OceanPositive 2017 swimwear collection, made from recycled ghost fishing nets.
by Press Release

The Wakatobi Resort Conservation Model

Wakatobi Resort in Sulawesi, Indonesia, is dedicated to preserving the marine environment with the buy-in and participation of locals.
by Guest Author
Danish submarine

Journalist Missing When Danish Submarine Sinks

A journalist is missing as one of the world’s few privately-owned submarines sinks in Denmark
by Thomas Gronfeldt
rob stewart

Autopsy Reveals Cause of Rob Stewart’s Death

The Canadian filmmaker and conservationist responsible for “Sharkwater,” Rob Stewart died while filming in the Florida Keys last January.
by Thomas Gronfeldt