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A Walk on the Deep Side

Author John Kean tells the tale of a missing era in extreme-deep scuba diving in his new book, “A Walk on the Deep Side.”

Deep, dangerous and truly inspirational, “A Walk on the Deep Side,” is the riveting account of a golden age in deep diving. Brimming with colorful characters and their record-breaking exploits, it evokes the magical, mysterious and sometimes deadly allure of the abyss.

Diver magazine reviews

“Kean’s new book, “A Walk on the Deep Side,” is an intensely readable account of deep diving.”

“John Kean remains one of the most informed of Red Sea writers and everything that goes with it.”

“There was never any doubt that John Kean’s book would be well-written. His books are always well-written”

  • Steve Weinman, Editor, Diver magazine UK

Between 1999 and 2005, divers made more world-record deep-diving attempts than at any other time in recent history. From DIY lunacy to aquatic mastery on the world stage, “A Walk on the Deep Side” tells the story of driven souls, sudden death and spectacular victory.

In this extraordinary new book, John Kean takes us far inside the highly-charged fraternity of deep-diving misfits, gurus and geniuses who stretch the limits of the possible.

This stirring, uplifting true story about one of the most fascinating and dangerous of all human pursuits will draw in even the most recreational divers who never intend to push their depth limits.

About the Author

John Kean is an aquatic and literary locksmith. His books open doors, eyes, and minds, allowing an unparalleled first-hand view of the greatest force on Earth. With five titles and counting, Kean entertains, enthralls and inspires with stories from above and beneath the sea. Get your copy of “A Walk on the Deep Side” here, and see more of Kean’s work here.