The humpback whales from the Southern Pacific move from their feeding areas within the Antarctic toward the warm Tonga northern islands every year to give birth and mate.

They remain within the region for around fifteen weeks (the early part of July through the late part of October) prior to their eight-thousand kilometer swim back toward the southern Antarctic oceans for the summertime months.

Within their brief period there, Whaleswim Adventures possess the benefit of going into their ocean area amongst the fifty islands of the Vava’u circle. Every day will be different, a few days Whaleswim Adventures swim with their calves and the mothers or a giant pregnant female, and other days, they go inside the deep bluish water to hear their songs and it is a lot of fun to observe the wild behaviour of that rambunctious group – the circle of male humpback whales that have testosterone swirling about the boat. It’s an excellent video and photo opportunity.

Whaleswim Adventures work a part of a privately chartered tour annually with their primary emphasis on keeping the experience intimate and personal. They also ensure that you’ll swim with the whales many times each day and each experience will be the ideal one you could have.

Every day they spend the afternoon and morning swimming amongst the curious and friendly humpbacks and their calves or listen to their love-songs, as probable. Whaleswim Adventures take a lunch break at around 12:30 p.m.; a few days they anchor within a lagoon off the palm-fringed island with a chance to comb the sandy white beaches or snorkel the coral reefs, and additional days, they might go inside the Swallows or Mariners Cave. Every day will be different, particularly the incredible adventures with the humpback whales.

You’ll swim amongst the humpbacks ninety-eight percent of the day. Explaining what you’ll experience will be beyond words and each guests will experience something different. All they understand is over the daytimes spent with them, your senses will be beautifully assaulted with amazing adventures, and your life should never again be the same.

Whaleswim Adventures has over eleven years of experience working w(ith privately chartered tours within Tonga and it gives them the benefit of offering you the ideal probable adventure swimming amongst the humpbacks within Vava’u and they’re the sole tour to operate in Vava’u that have each one of their guests within the humpback’s nursery.

Here are some sites that offer swimming with humpback whales:






6- (this is a resort that offers the swiiming as well)

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