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SeaLife Introduces New DC2000 Sea Dragon Camera Sets

SeaLife is introducing three new DC2000 camera and light sets, offering the user everything they need in one easy-to-assemble package.

SeaLife is introducing three new DC2000 camera and light sets, offering the user everything they need in one easy-to-assemble package. The sets combine the new full-featured DC2000 camera with a light, strobe, or both to yield impressive underwater imaging results. There are three new DC2000 underwater camera sets are as follows: DC2000 Pro Light (includes Sea Dragon 2500 COB LED Light), DC2000 Pro Flash (includes Sea Dragon Flash), and DC2000 Pro Duo (includes Sea Dragon Flash and new Sea Dragon 2300 Auto LED Light).

The DC2000 Pro Light includes the new DC2000 camera and sun-like Sea Dragon 2500 COB LED light to bring out stunning colors in underwater stills and video with an exceptionally high CRI (color rendering index). This set is especially attractive to users who will shoot abundant video, while the 2500 lumen light offers plenty of illumination for stills. The DC2000 Pro Flash includes the DC2000 camera and Sea Dragon Flash to produce rich and vibrant still images. Both of these sets include a Flex-Connect Grip and Single Tray.

SeaLife’s most versatile set, the DC2000 Pro Duo comes equipped with the new Sea Dragon 2300 Auto light, Sea Dragon Flash, two Flex-Connect Grips and a Dual Tray. Two single trays are also included in case the user wishes to use just a light or strobe. The new Sea Dragon 2300 Auto light features 2300 true lumens of brightness across a wide 100° beam angle. The Sea Dragon 2300 Auto features an Auto Bright Mode that automatically regulates brightness based on the proximity between the light and object from 2300 to 230 lumens. The feature can be easily over-ridden by selecting a brightness level of 100 percent, 50 percent, or 25 percent through the main control button.

The 2300 Auto also offers Auto Flash Detect Mode, which powers off the light for two seconds when an external flash is detected. Powered by a rechargeable 7.4-lithium ion battery, the light burns for a full hour at 100 percent power at constant brightness with its 6x CREE XP-L LEDs. Combined with the Sea Dragon Flash and DC2000, the DC2000 Pro Duo is SeaLife’s most versatile set yet.

All three sets are depth rated to 200 feet (60 m) and can easily be expanded with other Sea Dragon and other brands of lights and SeaLife’s line of Flex-Connect accessories.

SeaLife’s DC2000 features a SONY 1-inch back-illuminated 20MP CMOS image sensor to produce sharp stills in JPEG or RAW image formats and full HD 1080p videos. Select from 8 modes on the intuitive dial, which includes manual shutter and aperture control from F1.8 to F11 in 17 stops. The inner camera has its own built-in flash and is depth rated to 60ft/18m. The housing includes a flash link adapter that easily syncs an external flash to the camera. With the protective underwater housing, the camera is depth rated to 200 feet (60 m).

The DC2000 uses a powerful 1130 mAh 3.7V lithium ion removable battery capable of over two hours of continuous shooting. The DC2000 offers 80MB of internal memory and features an external micro-SD, micro-SDHD, micro-SDXC, or UHS-1 memory card slot. Its built-in Wi-Fi wirelessly connects the camera to any iOS and Android smart phone or tablet using the free Link123 Plus app. Images and videos can be previewed and downloaded from the camera to your smart device and shared instantly with friends and family. For topside stills and videos, there are 25 Land Scene modes available. Four underwater modes with built-in color correction filters are included with the DC2000: dive, snorkel, external light, and external flash. Adding a Sea Dragon light or strobe expands the camera’s capability further to capture underwater colors.

Each set is complete and ready to use with camera, lighting or strobe system, batteries, chargers and a carrying case. The new DC2000 Sets will be available starting December 2016:

DC2000 Camera:

SL740 SeaLife DC2000 Digital Underwater Camera $699.95

DC2000 Camera Sets:

SL745 SeaLife DC2000 Sea Dragon Pro Flash Set $995.95
SL744 SeaLife DC2000 Sea Dragon 2500 LED Light Set $1,099.95
SL746 SeaLife Pro Duo including Sea Dragon Flash  And Sea Dragon 2300 LED Auto Light $1,399.95