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The Perfect Picnic for Divers

Surprise your buddies with the perfect picnic for divers with our top picks for a fun, scuba-themed day out of the water

With the summer season beginning, soft breezes and warm sunshine make for glorious picnic weather. Surprise your buddies with the perfect picnic for divers with our top 11 picks for a fun, scuba-themed day when you must remain dry. Scuba Diver Life is going on a picnic and we think you should bring:

A “Big Beer without a Bite”

Served in your choice of bottle or can, this Manta Ray Double IPA from Ballast Point is refreshing on any warm day. As the recipient of 24 awards, it’s no wonder this beer tops our list of current favorites. From their description: “Aromas of fresh tangerine, melon, and light pine leap from the beer and linger over a smooth finish. Like its namesake, this brew can sneak up on you – a big beer without a bite.” 8.5% ABV. 

Neoprene wine totes

If you love the smell of neoprene in the morning, these neoprene wine totes will not only keep your bottles cool and safe but add to the fun aesthetic of your picnic. This cartoon shark bite tote and  this other shark pattern in purple and blue both sold by Antique Images remain our favorites, but you can also design your own with Zazzle.

A hammerhead corkscrew and bottle opener

This two-in-one shark opener from Uncommon Goods offers a hidden corkscrew in the hammerhead top while the shark’s mouth serves to remove bottle caps. Chrome plated, this shiny cast-metal opener offers some heft to pop open even the toughest bottle and also functions as a decorative piece. 

Scuba snacks

Whole Foods markets these Scuba Snacks, made of organic corn puffs with white-cheddar cheese so your guests’ fingers won’t smudge with an orange-colored mess. While the puffs aren’t shaped like marine life, the bag is cute and the snacks are naturally gluten-free to please the entire crowd. The back of each bag also lists some charming facts about the ocean.

A blue-water outdoor tablecloth

Sold in three different sizes, this decorative tablecloth features a diver inside a swirling tornado of fish on an aqua background. Lunarable manufactures this outdoor cloth for easy clean up, making it spill proof, waterproof, and machine washable on the cold cycle. 

Dive-friendly paper plates

Forget about plain, white paper plates or ones decorated with flowers — your buddies deserve plates designed for divers. Zazzle offers a variety of different options from our favorites of Seashells by Millhill’s jumping dolphins to Sjasis Sports Space’s scuba diver and many more. While more expensive than those you can purchase in the grocery store, these custom plates will add some panache to your picnic and Zazzle often has discount codes to reduce the cost.

Fruit served in a watermelon turtle

Snacking on fresh summer fruit is a must at a picnic but dishing up a fruit salad in a watermelon bowl carved into a turtle makes it diver-friendly. While it looks intricate, by following these instructions from the National Watermelon Promotional Board you can easily fashion a turtle to wow your guests. The site also lists instructions for some other marine-based carvings such as a rotund fish, a toothy shark, and a cute whale. 

Marine-friendly cutlery

The choices made on land affect the sea and disposable plastic cutlery endures as an eco-unfriendly purchase. Instead of buying single-use plastic forks/knives/spoons, buy stainless steel pieces instead. Your guests will find this lightweight set of re-usable Farberware stainless steel cutlery easier than plastic and they’ll appreciate that you’re trying to make a difference. Clean up remains a cinch since you can throw all the pieces in your dishwasher when you return home. Single-use products are never a great option. However, if you must use them, go with disposable bamboo flatware as this is a better alternative to plastic.

Cake pops with a bite

While you can produce your own cake pops, you probably can’t construct ones as cute as the handmade sharks you can buy from Cake Pops by Maggie. If you haven’t enjoyed a cake pop before, it’s a round morsel of moist cake coated in icing or chocolate secured to the end of a stick to resemble a lollipop. With 14 different flavors from chocolate to pineapple, these adorable cake pops will ensure smiles are plastered across all faces. The baker also offers fish cake pops, custom orders, and a gluten-free option. 

The ultimate diver Frisbee

Help all your guests remain dive fit by throwing a Frisbee around after gorging on lunch. This ultimate Frisbee from Graphics & More not only depicts a retro diver scene, but the company also manufactures it in the United States. They offer Frisbees with other marine-friendly motifs as well, and you can even custom design your own Frisbee if you wish.

An Oh My God Shark picnic basket

You could always throw your picnic goodies in your scuba gear bag, but this hysterical shark tote from Two Baked Buns personifies a dive picnic. Constructed of straw, lined with fabric, and closed with a drawstring, this basket remains sturdy and practical. A removable blue tassel is included as a fun accent piece.