Beth McCrea

Beth McCrea delights in her role as a Manhattan-based VP of product management, shaping technology. She also adores writing. In her off-hours, she’s a photographer, world traveler, and voracious reader, which she’s fused into an online book club called A World Adventure by Book to read a book from every country.

She was certified in 2010 as an Advanced Open Water scuba diver, and is active in the dive community online and on land where she also serves as the social chair for her dive club, the NYC Sea Gypsies. While she occasionally dives in cold Northeastern waters, she’s an avid warm-water diver, relishing lengthy trips to exotic locales throughout the year. Fancying work and life an adventure, she seeks out cutting-edge technology and off-the-beaten-path locations in her quest to understand and explore the world...and dive all the underwater kingdoms.

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Stories by Beth
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