Santa Claus is coming to town, and nice divers everywhere should put a few of these eight scuba gifts on their Christmas list.

Not sure if Santa wrote you or your buddy down on his Naughty or Nice List? First, check out’s Nice-O-Meter to see if you made the cut. Then, check out our list of nine cool scuba gifts to ask Santa to stash under your tree.

Exquisite glassware

A master scuba diver trainer hand-engraves each piece of glass in this collection with a diamond burr. Likely due to her marine-biology stint at an underwater observatory, the artist realistically details each beautiful piece. With a choice of male or female divers, an array of marine creatures, and a variety of glass shapes, you’ll discover glassware from Shiran Lavi Shohat that anyone will adore. You can customize any of the glasses with a name or additional text making the gift even more unique.

A photographic celebration of marine life

This gorgeous hardcover features photos from award-winning underwater photographer Alex Mustard. Professor of marine conservation and award-winning natural history writer Callum Roberts includes an essay in each chapter along with extended captions for the photographs. Together, the extraordinary photos and engaging text make Secrets of the Seas an enchanting photography book perfect for any ocean lover. 

Frolicking jellyfish

Nothing can replace seeing jellyfish gliding by during a dive, but this electric aquarium with two faux jellies comes close. While these jellies dance faster than their wild brethren, they don’t require the special care live jellyfish need. Furthermore, the kaleidoscopic colors of 18 LEDs mean you can establish a mood. Program the red, yellow, green, blue, and violet colors to cycle from one to the next or choose a favorite color. At 14 inches tall with a 5 1/2-inch diameter, this Electric Jellyfish Aquarium from ThinkGeek is perfect for an office or living room, or as a soothing nightlight in a bedroom. For best results, fill the tank with distilled water and two to three drops of liquid dish soap.

Unique marine jewelry

From playful pieces to fine jewelry, we lust after unique undersea baubles.  Here are two companies that deliver quality.

marine jewelry

These fun pieces above from Tiny Imaginarium exist to delight. Fashioned out of polymer clay and inspired by nature, this cute jewelry works well for casual daytime whether you’re looking for rings, necklaces, or earrings. You’ll be hard pressed to choose among the variety of nudibranchs, whale sharks, mola mola, octopus, and orcas, though they’re inexpensive enough that you can buy a few. Owned by a scuba diver and underwater photographer, Tiny Imaginarium offers both readymade jewelry available for immediate shipping and custom-made pieces which require additional time. Note: Due to longer shipping intervals, make sure to order early. 

If you’re looking for fine jewelry, these Larimar pieces reminiscent of the bright Caribbean are lovely. While the base mineral is common, the gem-quality Larimar variety with its sea-blue coloring only exists in a limited deposit in the Dominican Republic. Marahlago sells unique Larimar jewelry with a three-year warranty. 

Lasting memories

if you’re looking for something for a budding underwater shutterbug, they’ll need a solid underwater camera. And note that point-and-shoot doesn’t denote a novice if the camera is good enough.

“Built for adventure,” Olympus packs the Tough TG-5 with pro features. Olympus made the camera waterproof down to 50 feet (15.2 m) without a housing, shock-proof, crush-proof, freeze-proof, and dust-proof. The built-in Wi-Fi, GPS/compass/temperature sensor, and manometer can record data about the environment while tracking the shot location. Finally, this device can also shoot amazing macro photos and Ultra HD 4K video. Starting at $449.99, the Olympus Tough TG-5 exemplifies the perfect compact point and shoot camera for anyone who lives a life of adventure. 

A feel-good gift

Purchase a charitable membership or send in a donation as the perfect feel-good gift for you or a dive buddy. Two of our favorite charities are the American Littoral Society and Coral Reef Alliance.

The American Littoral Society promotes the “study and conservation of marine life and habitat, protects the coast from harm, and empowers others to do the same.”

Founded to inspire the dive community, Coral Reef Alliance focuses on marine conservation. Now a world-renowned organization, it restores and protects coral reefs in partnership with the communities living nearest these ecosystems. 

The underwater world close-up

This amazing underwater magnifier for divers made by Jos Schulte offers considerably better magnification than a simple magnifying lens. Regular magnifying glasses perform poorly underwater, but this device has an air gap around the lens, ensuring that the magnification remains equally as detailed on land and underwater. Aspherical lenses also reduce image distortion.

The magnifier comes in rugged and rustproof glass, rubber, and stainless steel. Almost neutrally buoyant, it’s large enough to accommodate both eyes. Finally, it also features an easy-to-carry cord with a stainless loop on the end. There’s nothing else on the market as good for underwater magnification so it’s worth the higher price tag and the cost of shipping from the Netherlands. 

The gift every diver wants

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention buying a gift card from a local dive shop. Not only will this ensure that the lucky diver on your list gets to purchase what they desire, but knowledgeable staff will also provide personalized help. Also, developing a long-term customer relationship with a local shop is a gift in itself. And it’s what we’re dreaming of this year. Hint, hint.

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