Our Favorite Dive Leggings and Skins

From the artistic to the playful to the cozy, we’ve got you covered with some of our favorite dive leggings and skins.

If you haven’t discovered the wonder of dive leggings and skins, you’re in for a treat. You’ll slither in and out of a wetsuit with ease when you wear them under the suit and gain protection from the sun, stingers, and abrasions if you wear them alone. From the artistic, to the playful, to the warm, we’ve got you covered with our favorite dive skins and leggings below.

Eco-friendly conversation pieces

dive leggings

These environmentally-friendly leggings from Waterlust look like tiger-shark skin thanks to a process that uses no water and minimizes waste. In addition, they’re made from 14 percent Lycra and 86 percent recycled polyester, which uses 10 post-consumer plastic bottles for each pair of leggings. With a 50+ Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF), 4-way stretch, and quick-dry technology, these leggings remain comfortable and protective. They also make a great conversation starter since 10 percent of the profits go to the Shark Research and Conservation Program at the University of Miami. We also love the sailfish leggings pictured in the title photo above, also made from the same eco-friendly material.

A warm dive skin

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Nothing’s better than basic black when it’s a warm Lavacore dive skin. Made with their exclusive Polytherm Tri-Laminate, it has “windproof and breathable providing anti-wind chill properties while also drawing moisture away from the body on the surface, ensuring warmth in cold conditions.”

Anti-bacterial inner fleece, UPF 50+ protection, and 4-way stretch ensure both comfort and protection. Lavacore’s Polytherm suits come in four different styles.

A three-piece dive skin suit

dive leggings

We adore the flexibility of these cute sets from Light in the Box, which come with a long-sleeve top, a pair of shorts, and a pair of leggings in either pink and blue or pink and gray. You can wear each as separates or wear all three as an ensemble. Made out of quick-dry, nylon material and rated with 50+ UPF protection, these stylish pieces together form a darling dive skin suit.

Leggings made to be worn anywhere

dive leggings

O’Neill’s Hybrid line touts a “multi-purpose collection created to wear anywhere, made from fabric that is water friendly, fast drying, moisture wicking, and super comfortable.” You can also pair these Hybrid Beaumont leggings with a bikini top made from the same pattern or the high neck top shown above with the multi strap back

A colorful, custom dive skin

dive leggings

While their customers rave about the company’s workmanship, it’s the 49 uniquely colorful fabrics you can choose from Running Funky  that will draw all eyes. Made to fit your size and height, you can also customize this fun dive skin, made of heavy-duty 80/20 nylon spandex, with a front or back zipper. Your dive buddy will never have trouble spotting you again in the water.

Famously unique dive skins

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If you’ve encountered someone on a boat with a dive skin made to look like a whale shark or one detailed with chain mail (both shown here), you’ve probably seen one of the unique dive skins offered by SlipIns made in the USA for men and women. The skins are made of a combination of nylon, polyester, and spandex rated with 60+ UPF sun protection. Some divers even buy a larger size to wear the skins over their wetsuits to show off the designs. 

A dive skin made from recycled ghost nets

These gorgeous OceanPositive Hydro leggings from Fourth Element are made from recycled ghost nets (i.e., fishing nets that have been lost in the ocean by fishermen, and might have otherwise killed marine life). The 4-way stretch Lycra is made of 78 percent recycled nylon from fishing nets and offers UPF 50+ protection. Further, the company is trying to reduce plastic packaging and suits arrive in bags made from cassava starch. The pattern on the leggings is a “nod back to the garment’s origins depicting merged images of fishing nets and water reflections.” Pair the leggings with the OceanPositive Hydro long-sleeve top as shown. 

Creatively printed leggings

dive leggings

With such a wide range of beautiful and quirky prints from Scuba Diving Addicts, you’ll have a tough time choosing which ones to buy. Made in the USA with a polyester/Lycra blend, the leggings utilize a 4-way stretch material sewn together with a thread color that matches the design. The company’s reasonable prices mean you can buy a few different styles to suit your mood. 

Handmade custom pieces of art

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Lovingly handmade by a sister team of divers, these wearable pieces of art from Sewgnar incorporate original fabric designs inspired by marine creatures from flamingo tongue snails to cuthona yamasui nudibranchs (both pictured). Since all items are made to order in the USA, the dive sisters happily customize the garments if a standard size is not ideal for you. Made of 4-way stretch Lycra, the pieces are reasonably priced. You can also add matching scuba socks to your order.