Why is the Paralenz DCC Better Than Traditional Filters?

Most underwater cameras require filters to keep the colors in your images looking brilliant. But with the built-in Paralenz DCC, extra filters are a thing of the past.

When the Paralenz Dive Camera came out last year it immediately drew the attention of divers worldwide for its groundbreaking features, designed with a full focus on scuba and freediving. The Paralenz ably solves many of the problems other action cameras have when used underwater — the Paralenz needs no housing and it can safely go to 650 feet (200 m), and it will auto-record your dive almost from the moment you hit the water (if you want it to). But the camera’s unparalleled feature for most divers is the built-in Depth Color Correction (DCC), which means that you no longer need color filters to capture the brilliance of an underwater reef. Here are a few of our top picks for what makes the Paralenz DCC a game-changer.

Amazing colors straight off the camera

Because the DCC continuously color grades the footage according to your depth, it offers the best colors possible for every single shot and lets you focus on the dive. You’ll no longer see that red hue at the surface or dark/blue image at depth that you’d get from the external red filter necessary on other action cameras. You’ll never worry about color correction again.

No fiddling with flimsy filters

You can buy an endless variety of color filters. Different colors suit different depths and water types; some are built to flip and some hang on strings from the camera. But they all need to be changed whenever you change depth. They are cumbersome and fragile, and you can easily lose or break them. Not so with the Paralenz — since the color correction is built into the camera, there’s nothing to lose or forget to change.

More light means more color

Whenever you put a filter in front of the lens, it absorbs the light — just like when you put on sunglasses. The result is blurry and dark footage. The Paralenz doesn’t need filters, which means that all that light goes straight to the lens and lets the DCC work its magic.

Bored of color-grading footage?

When using external color filters, you’ll still need to adjust the colors in post-production software to get colors closer to reality. But not with the Paralenz. So instead of spending all that time color-correcting your footage, you can share it to your social media accounts right after the dive using the Paralenz dive ppp on your phone or tablet.

Much more than just better colors

The Paralenz DCC means much more than just beautiful colors. You get sharper and brighter images straight off the camera without the hassle of filters or need for color grading. And most importantly, you can focus on your dive and not on your camera.