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Spat Out By A Whale

Learn what it's like to be spat out by a whale!

Suckling Humpback Whale Calf

Scientists have released first-of-its-kind footage showing a nursing humpback whale calf – from the calf’s perspective. 

Blue Whale: Largest Animal EVER! [4K] | Timor-Leste from Below (S01E10) | SZtv

The biggest animal on Earth, and the folks at Scubazoo got a glimpse of one in Timor-Leste! And if they're lucky, they get to swim alongside one.

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Discover Scuba Diving

If you’re conducting a Discover Scuba Diving program, that’s the more common certification of its kind, they’ll begin with a bit of paperwork, then show you to the instructor.


This Magic Moment

It was like many Maui mornings, the sun rising over Haleakala as we greeted our divers for the day’s charter. As my captain and I explained the dive procedures, I noticed the wind line moving into Molokini, a small, crescent-shaped island that harbors a large reef.


Scuba Brat – A Scuba Family Story | Part 2 of 2

Since then I’ve been spear-fishing, I dove
 the beautiful springs of north Florida, Devils Eye, Ginnie
Springs, Beuford Sink, Little River, those are just a few, and let
 me clear up a common misconception about Florida.

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Blue Holes

Blue holes include underwater caves or sinkholes that occur naturally. Apart from being breathtaking to behold from above – they’re sapphire blue spots surrounded by oceans of aquamarine, and are gorgeous, yet dangerous diving destinations.