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New GoDive App Brings Diving into the 21st Century

The GoDive app gathers divers' needs in one place where they can share stories and experiences with other divers around the globe.

Tired of using countless apps, software and websites to find what you need for diving? GoDive, the first social diving app, is the perfect solution for your problems.

Behind this app are experienced divers Nadav Alon, Liran Cohen and Nir Leibovitch, for whom diving has become much more than a hobby. As longtime divers, they understand the difficulties scuba divers face, and as software developers they offer simple and effective solutions to these obstacles.

Getting lost in calculations? Not anymore!

As an experienced diver, Alon is frustrated with the paperwork, forms and permits he deals with each time he goes diving. “The last thing you want to think about after emerging from a 40-minute dive, soaking wet and hungry, is when you may be clear to go diving again,” he says. “Our app offers an easy fix — just enter your diving data and in a few seconds, you get the time, depth and duration for your next dive. All this energy wasted on calculations and paperwork can now be dedicated to diving,” he explains.

“In addition to the diving log and calculator based on PADI charts, the GoDive app assembles everything you need for diving,” he adds. “No more forms and papers, which unfortunately, are not water resistant. Also, your diving certificate is in there too, so never again will you experience the frustration of arriving at a dive location only to discover that you’ve left your c-card at home.”

GoDive also provides information about various dive centers around the world, including locations and contact information. As of now, the app lists 400 dive centers with more added all the time. You can also find a global map of the different diving locations.

“Our goal,” says Alon, “is to bring the world of diving into the 21st century, making sure that all diving information — whether time calculation or the nearest dive center — is conveniently assembled in one place so divers no longer have to go to countless sites for it.”

Bringing the dive experience to the surface

Unable to find buddies to share your unique diving experience? The GoDive app is more than a calculator: it’s a designated social network for divers worldwide. In fact, only two weeks after its launch, Google declared GoDive one of eight social network apps with great growth potential.

With millions of scuba divers worldwide, it’s no wonder. The creators of GoDive recognized a fundamental need and set out to meet it.

“Whereas before, all the discussions, consultations and experiences were scattered among many different forums and Facebook groups, with our app, divers can communicate with each other,” says Alon.

“One of GoDive’s main goals is to create a global community of divers who can meet, share impressions and experiences, and consult with each other. In GoDive, divers are not just part of the general population: they are it.”

The app also provides information about, and access to, diving locations. If you know of a cool location only a few people have heard of, you can share it with everyone on GoDive.

Just getting started

Having developed an app that meets all the basic diving needs, Alon, Cohen and Leibovitch are not planning to rest on their laurels; in fact, they are just getting started.

“We are currently developing two new functions we are sure divers will greatly appreciate,” says Alon. “The first is the ability to search for a dive partner when your regular partner is unavailable. With the second function, as well as sharing unique diving stories, you will be able to consult with other divers worldwide and share your own knowledge and experience.”

You can download GoDive free through Google Play in English, and the guys are already hard at work to develop it for iOS and WEB, along with even more useful functions.