What Makes Paralenz the Best Underwater Action Camera for Divers?

The Paralenz Dive Camera was one of 2017’s biggest innovations in underwater videography. What makes it so special?

If you thought that there were already enough action cameras on the market — think again. One of 2017’s biggest innovations in underwater videography was the Paralenz Dive Camera. It immerged as a Kickstarter campaign in 2016 and has since developed into the perfect action camera for divers. Buzz about the camera is starting to reach the furthest regions of the dive community and is creating quite a commotion, but what exactly makes this new action camera for divers so revolutionary?

Paralenz developed the camera specifically for scuba and freediving, and it’s the result of the combined knowledge of 250 testers from 38 countries. Though you can use it above-water, its features really shine through beneath the waves. These same features, described below, truly set this camera apart from the rest. 

Shaped for diving 

A robust, circular aluminum housing is the best solution for a high-pressure environment. It gives the camera the strength it needs to reach the unbeaten depth record (the camera is rated to 656 feet/200 m) and withstand the toll of conditions on a dive boat. Additionally, the torch-like shape, the positioning of the buttons, and the haptic feedback are much more user-friendly than an’ upright’ camera with a button on top and no feedback. The Paralenz’ design and build alone will win over most divers. 

Intelligent and informative 

The Paralenz also has built-in sensors, which allow users to add depth and a temperature overlay in their videos. They can also create a data log that can be exported into a database. The latter has proven to be immensely helpful in ocean research and conservation work when it comes to getting accurate documentation of dives and recordings.

True colors with no filters 

Depth Color Correction (DCC) is one of the biggest innovations in diving for quite a while, and one of the camera’s best features. It’s remarkable to watch the DCC work its magic, gradually adding dissipating colors back into the footage on your descent. No more will you see an unsightly red hue at shallow depths as with the traditional red filters and, best of all, you don’t need an additional filter to get true colors straight out of the camera.

All your dives in one charge 

Because we developed this camera specifically for diving, the battery, of course, was a key consideration. You’ll get great performance even on cold-water dives with an astounding two-plus hours of recording in 4K, and 3-plus hours in 1080p. The camera will recharge almost fully during a one-hour surface interval, so you can take it on your next long dive.

Dives are meant to be shared 

It would be nice to look through and share your footage with your friends right away back on the boat, right? Paralenz made an app for that. The Paralenz Dive App has a perfect interface for keeping track of logged dives. You can see how far into the dive and at what depth the footage was taken and share the best shots with friends and family.

The Paralenz beats everything else out there when it comes to underwater action cameras. Filters and housings are now a thing of the past and there’s finally an action camera designed by divers, for divers. Give it a try and you too will know why the Paralenz is the best underwater action camera around.