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GoPro Shooting Guide For Underwater Videography

While everyone and their brother takes a GoPro diving, not everyone knows how to get good video footage.

GoPro Hero3 and Hero3+ - an underwater guide

The ever-present GoPro HD video camera is just as popular for underwater adventures as it is for capturing topside moments. You’ll see many GoPros on every dive boat these days, due in part to the affordability of this pocket-sized, travel friendly, all auto, HD video camera that also takes pretty darn good still photos. Read our previous article on Best Underwater Compact Cameras for 2014 to get more info on the GoPro Hero3+.

While everyone and their brother takes a GoPro diving, not everyone knows how to get good video footage. Stop torturing your friends and family! Don’t make them watch your videos that are all blue and wobbly! Follow these tips to get better GoPro video underwater.

FLIP3.1 color correction filters will bring back the vibrant hues in your GoPro underwater images at every depth.

Color Correction Filters Are Essential

If you want to bring back color and contrast to your underwater videos, you must use color correction filters. The FLIP3.1 Color Correction System gives you perfect underwater color right at your fingertips. Based on your dive plan, you can set-up your GoPro with multiple filters for different diving depths. The SHALLOW filter is best for snorkeling, 5-20 feet. You’ll want to use the DIVE filter for most of your blue water diving, 20-50 feet. And when you are down deep, the DEEP filter will add back color to your videos when the visibility is clear, 50 feet and deeper.

GoPro handles
Two handles provide much needed stability when shooting GoPro underwater. Adding video lights to your GoPro with FLIP3.1 color correction filters will make your video pop with vibrant color.


Unstable, shaky video footage is not fun to watch. Give your audience a better viewing experience by shooting stable underwater video with the aid of a double handled mounting system for your GoPro. Whether you are finning through the action, or letting the action come to you, two hands provide much needed stability that you cannot achieve with the GoPro alone. Adding video lights to your GoPro system will really make the colors in your underwater video pop! Check out this video that used only GoPro cameras with FLIP3.1 color correction filters and video lights.

gp-chdhx-302GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition Camera bs-flip31-comboFLIP3.1 Combo Package with SHALLOW, DIVE, and DEEP Underwater Color Correction Filters for GoPro Hero3 & Hero3+

More tips and many more accessories to outfit your GoPro will give you all the creativity you need to make great movies for your audience!

Get ALL of our tips for shooting better underwater video and photos with your GoPro underwater.

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