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Dive Site: Sombrero in Anilao, Philippines

Sombrero in Anilao is one of the Philippines’ best spots for macro diving, and there are a number of other great dive sites around as well.

Even as you’re approaching Sombrero in Anilao you can see that it looks pretty amazing. Named for the island’s resemblance to a Mexican sombrero, this site features a massive reef wall all the way around the small island. The reef extends well beyond recreational limits, making it easy to forget how deep you actually are as you take in the colorful corals and animals around you.

Sombrero in Anilao

This reef has valleys and pillars, walls and flat areas, and more area than you could cover on multiple dives. On our single dive here, we barely saw a fraction of what you could see on multiple visits to the area. I know I definitely wanted to come back for more.

At Sombrero in Anilao, you’ll find all of your typical reef fish with macro subjects as well. Hard and soft corals, sponges, gorgonians, crinoids, and more — all healthy and vibrant. Because parts of the reef are shallow enough, snorkelers would enjoy this site as well.

While we didn’t see any on our dive here, eagle rays, mantas and sea turtles are also seen here frequently.

Depth: 10 to 100 feet or more (3 to 30 m)

Temp:  79F (26 C)

Visibility: 60 feet (18 m)

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