Beth McCrea

I delight in my role as a Manhattan-based VP of Product Management, shaping technology. I also adore writing.

In my off hours, I'm a world traveler, amateur photographer and voracious reader which I've fused into an online book club to read a book from every country:

I was certified in 2010 as an Advanced Open Water scuba diver, and am active in the dive community on land and online. While I occasionally dive in cold Northeast waters, I'm an avid warm-water diver relishing lengthy trips to exotic locales throughout the year.

Fancying work & life an adventure, I seek out cutting-edge technology and off-the-beaten-path locations in my quest to understand and explore the world...and dive all the underwater kingdoms.

Stories by Beth
Newbie Diver
New to Scuba In the Water

Top Newbie Diver Mistakes

As a newbie diver, I quickly became addicted to diving. While I had lots of fun, there are a few things I wish I could tell myself — or any newbie diver — to make a new dive life a lot easier.

classic dive reads
Stories In the Water

Our Favorite Classic Dive Reads

A genuine dive classic stands the test of time. Any one of the books on this list of classic dive reads will instantly deliver you to days of diving past.

marine drinks
Resources In the Water

Marine Drinks (and Accessories) to Quench Your Thirst

Feeling parched? Quench your thirst with these unique marine drinks and accessories that will remind you of your last day spent on — or under the water on a scuba dive.


Sea Therapy: Ocean-Themed Home Accessories

Surround yourself with a few ocean-themed home accessories for the days you can’t dive. Here are 10 perfect holiday gifts for the ocean-lover’s home.

New stuff
Vobster Quay

Virgin Start-Up Backed Company Creating Artificial Reef at Vobster Quay

A Virgin Start-Up-backed company, ARC Marine, is creating an artificial reef at premier U.K. dive site Vobster Quay in 2017.
by Kathryn Curzon

Best Dive Sites in Scapa Flow

In the Scottish Highlands, a remote, sheltered stretch of water around the Orkney Islands is home to Scapa Flow, with some of the best dive sites in Britain.
by Guest Author Chris Vyvyan-Robinson

Diving in Raja Ampat

The diving in Raja Ampat, Indonesia is world-class, sustainable and — perhaps surprisingly — can be quite affordable.
by Andy Phillips

Surface Signaling for Scuba Divers

Getting someone’s attention underwater is a crucial safety skill. Here’s a roundup of the most common underwater signaling for scuba divers.
by Thomas Gronfeldt