Beth McCrea

I delight in my role as a Manhattan-based VP of Product Management, shaping technology. I also adore writing.

In my off hours, I'm a world traveler, amateur photographer and voracious reader which I've fused into an online book club to read a book from every country:

I was certified in 2010 as an Advanced Open Water scuba diver, and am active in the dive community on land and online. While I occasionally dive in cold Northeast waters, I'm an avid warm-water diver relishing lengthy trips to exotic locales throughout the year.

Fancying work & life an adventure, I seek out cutting-edge technology and off-the-beaten-path locations in my quest to understand and explore the world...and dive all the underwater kingdoms.

Stories by Beth
Conservation In the Water

Can Cartoons Change Peoples’ Misconceptions About Sharks?

Meet the shark activist who draws “Oh, Dakuwaqa!,” a series of cartoons that’s delighting scuba divers and scientists while helping change people’s misconceptions about sharks.

Dive Trip
Resources In the Water

The Ultimate Dive Trip Prep and Packing List

Forget all the other lists you’ve seen. This ultimate dive trip prep and packing list is the only checklist you’ll ever need to plan the perfect dive trip.

Lies Scuba Divers Tell
Training In the Water

Ten Lies Scuba Divers Tell Themselves

There’s usually no harm in a little white lie, but these 10 lies scuba divers tell themselves can inflict some serious damage.

Smack of Jellyfish
Marine Species In the Water

What’s a Smack of Jellyfish?

Revel in this trove of nine enchantingly fanciful and marine-based collective nouns, including the charmingly named smack of jellyfish.

New stuff

Swimwear Recycled from the Sea

Fourth Element introduces OceanPositive 2017 swimwear collection, made from recycled ghost fishing nets.
by Press Release

The Wakatobi Resort Conservation Model

Wakatobi Resort in Sulawesi, Indonesia, is dedicated to preserving the marine environment with the buy-in and participation of locals.
by Guest Author
Danish submarine

Journalist Missing When Danish Submarine Sinks

A journalist is missing as one of the world’s few privately-owned submarines sinks in Denmark
by Thomas Gronfeldt
rob stewart

Autopsy Reveals Cause of Rob Stewart’s Death

The Canadian filmmaker and conservationist responsible for “Sharkwater,” Rob Stewart died while filming in the Florida Keys last January.
by Thomas Gronfeldt