The World’s First Seawater Powered SWES Dive Light

Electricity from Seawater

The Sea Water Energy System technology is a new dimension in the field of alternative energy sources. It produces ready-to-use, clean and stable electric power from seawater in an environmentally friendly way.
Our first product is a high-power LED SWES Dive Light, which is unique on the market. It lights up as soon as touches seawater and lights till it is in salt water.

The energy required to operate the dive light is provided by energy cells of SWES Technology. The energy cell is a part of the SWES Technology which produces the basic electric power from seawater 

For the first time, the light is exclusively available as perk – with unique labels – during our Indiegogo campaign until the 29th of August. Contributions will go to the serial production and continuation of SWES Technology research.

We plan to start the serial production at the beginning of 2015.

Main advantages of the SWES high power LED light:

  • No battery and no charge needed, so it is perfect for sport and deep divers, cave and wreck divers, for sailors, for sport fishermen for night fishing.
  • No maintenance needed. (By 3-4 hours daily usage you should change anode in 3-4 years.)
  • Ready to use, as soon as it touches seawater, it lights up.
  • Completely environmentally friendly.
  • Lightweight (945-965g)
  • Easy to handle.
  • Unique, massive, solid design.
  • Magnetic switch with in off & dry state
  • Without touching seawater consistency never compromises. 

We produce two types of SWES dive light:

  • 1 High Power LED Dive Light has ≈100+ Lumen, 11360 LUX and a magnetic switch
  • 3 High Power LED Dive Light has ≈300+ Lumen, 33650 LUX and a magnetic switch

Both of them are tested until 100m.

Dive light is just the beginning! Our ‘SWES vision’ is a world where ships do not need a tank of fuel, where you can sail without polluting the environment.  The SWES energy cell provides the necessary electric energy from the seawater all day and night long, independently from weather conditions. The future is a quiet electric ship which is cheap to maintain.

About the Company:
The members of SWES group have been doing archeological deep-sea researching for 20 years furthermore working on development of different research equipment.

During our work we discovered more than 100 historical wrecks and 2000 year-old sank city, additionally we helped the authorities to investigate in different crimes and find bombs and explosives from World War ll.

While we were working on the development of deep-sea research robot (ROV) we had an idea to have the necessary power-drive of the robot from its environment. This idea was the base of SWES Technology. Today our first priority is to start serial producing of the SWES Dive light and finish the prototype of SWES Electric Ship.

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