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The World’s First Action Camera for Divers

Designed with the help of divers, for divers, the Paralenz Dive Camera is a compact, tough camera with some ground-breaking new features.

Paralenz World Compilation 2 from Paralenz on Vimeo.

The Paralenz Dive Camera is an action camera designed specifically for scuba divers, developed with the help of divers from around the globe and built by a team of design engineers who share a passion for scuba diving and the underwater world. Designed to be as easy to use below the surface as it is above, Paralenz has developed the ultimate action camera for divers, with a no-compromise attitude to quality or functionality.

The team at Paralenz asked the international dive community what they would like to see in an action camera for divers. As a result, almost 250 divers from 38 countries helped develop the Paralenz Dive Camera. The result is a small, tough camera with some ground-breaking new features, never seen before on an underwater action camera.

Designers created a product that would allow anybody — regardless of their diving experience or photographic expertise — to record high-definition footage and take quality underwater pictures.

“Being able to get opinions from so many divers has been invaluable,” says Martin Holmberg, CEO at Paralenz.

“It made it possible to prioritize what was important in a camera for divers, and which problems we had to solve. On top of this they have tested the camera more rigorously than we could ever have done.”

Some of those key features include:

  • Temperature and pressure sensors that log your dive and display this information in your videos
  • Automatic depth-controlled color-correction, eliminating the need for lens filters
  • Long battery life allows recording of 4K video at 30fps for over two hours
  • Paralenz Dive App allows you to display dive-profile information alongside recorded footage and share it with other divers
  • The camera has a 650-foot (200 m) depth rating with no additional housing — a first in the recreational-dive market

The camera is built from well-known and extensively tested technology, both in terms of software and hardware. But this is the first time these elements have been combined in a diver-friendly design.

“We wanted to focus on divers and give them the ultimate action camera specifically for diving,” says Martin Holmberg, one of the camera’s developers.

“This goal had a tremendous impact on the decision process along the way. This is not just about having a top-notch resolution and sharpness, the best components and the newest technology. It is about how we combine these elements in an intuitive design, with dive-specific functionalities, such as the dive log, share and camera in one.”

Paralenz Dive Camera Features

The camera that logs your dive

The easy-to-use camera gives you the freedom to focus on your dive. At only 5.6 ounces (161 g), the Paralenz is lightweight enough to mount on your mask strap. And, just like a dive computer, depth and temperature sensors log your profile from the moment you hit the water.

Once you surface, the free Paralenz Dive App compiles your dive log and tags all your photographs and video recordings with the time and depth where they were taken. You can scroll through your dive profile while displaying the relevant footage, which you can easily share through the app with your friends and dive buddies.

No need for color filters

Due to the absorption of light underwater, photographs and video recordings are either tinted green or blue unless you use color-correcting lens filters or electronic white balancing. The Paralenz Dive Camera has a unique depth-controlled color-correction feature that automatically corrects the colors to match the depth at which you are diving — a world first for underwater cameras.

Longest recording times

There’s nothing so disappointing as running out of batteries halfway through a dive. The Paralenz Dive Camera’s high performance battery and low power usage means you can record in 1080p at 30fps for 3½ hours, and 4K/30ps for 2 hours and 15 minutes. That’s enough battery power to see most people through the diving day without a recharge. Thermo-foam insulation means the batteries will last almost as long in cold water.

Built like a cannonball

The Paralenz Dive Camera looks and feels like regular camera, and it’s made from military-grade aluminum and polycarbonate. It is lightweight, small and compact, but can withstand being run over by a car or crushed by a scuba tank. The depth rating of 650 feet (200 m) puts it far beyond the scope of any recreational dive camera on the market — and it doesn’t need a separate housing.

Real-time snap editing

Gone is the hassle of browsing through several hours of footage with heavy-duty editing software to put together a few short clips. The Paralenz has a snap-record function, which allows you to record and mark short video sequences during your dive. As soon as you’re back on the surface, you can view the clips directly on your smart phone and pick and choose the best of them to share on social media.

Comparison and testing

The differences between current action cameras and the Paralenz are noticeable. The top three action cameras on the market within the same price range are Sony’s FDR-X3000, the GoPro Hero5 Black and Garmin’s Virb Ultra 30.

When you compare the specifications and informational material from this range of cameras, the Paralenz Dive Camera demonstrates what a unique piece of equipment it is.
“Action cameras are made for every purpose, but diving is a one of a kind sport and divers place the most extreme demands on their gear,” says Michael Trøst, CIO at Paralenz. “We needed a camera that was actually made for diving — so we built one, and we hope it will make a difference to divers across the globe.”

Pricing and availability

The Paralenz Dive Camera became available in North America, Europe and Australia on June 1. It will hit the Asian market later this year. The camera retails for $599.00 USD or €649.00. Visit the company’s Facebook page for the latest information.