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Women Making Underwater Strides in Cayman Islands

PADI Women’s Dive Day was a success this year in Cayman

The Cayman Islands celebrated the annual PADI’s Women’s Dive Day this year on July 15th. To honor women scuba divers and instructors, PADI began marking the day in 2015. Divetech proudly sponsored the event this year. The well-known company provided each of the 20 women aboard a pink boat with two tanks for the day. The women were also accompanied by shirtless male dive masters, and treated with champagne and strawberries to celebrate their success. Women were once a small part of this industry. But dive statistics have recently shown that almost 50 percent of dive professionals in the Caribbean are now women.

“We are definitely seeing more women in prominent positions in the dive industry, so women are moving forward,” said Lois Hatcher, photographer of Ocean Frontiers.

PADI Women’s Dive Day

PADI’s Women’s Dive Day recognizes the several and versatile roles that women play in the dive industry. They fill every role from recreational divers to instructors, from captains to marine biologists, and beyond.

“It was amazing! We had about twenty women on board our pink boat and we ran the two-tank dive trip with an all-woman crew,” said Divetech owner Jo Mikutowicz.

“Everyone had a blast and we raised $1,250.00 US for the Cayman Islands Cancer Society.”

The Cayman Islands is a premier diving spot in the Caribbean, and the strength of the women’s dive community was prominent during the celebration.

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