Triton 36,000 Submarine | The Race to Inner Space

Triton Submarines recently announced the World’s Deepest Diving Multi-Passenger Submersible.

It’s Innovation in glass manufacturing, fiber optics & touch-screen technology enable a new class of submarine, capable of reaching the deepest parts of the ocean.

Triton Submarines (Triton), the world’s most advanced and experienced civil submarine manufacturing company, announced the Triton 36,000 full ocean depth submersible (“Triton 36,000”) in late April 2011. Based on the chassis design of current Triton models that can dive up to 3,300 feet, the new Triton 36,000 features revolutionary new glass production technology that will allow it to become the deepest diving multi-passenger autonomous submersible in the world, and provide passengers a truly immersive experience.

The Triton 36,000 full ocean depth submersible passenger cockpit will be approximately six feet in diameter and made entirely of borosilicate glass. Developed by San Diego-based Rayotek Scientific, a world leader in high-pressure glass technology fabrication, the cockpit will open and close like a clam shell, forming a complete, transparent sphere.

The Triton 36,000 will be controlled through a system of touchscreen controls and information displays with commands communicated by fiber optic systems that transmit light signals through the glass hull. Temperature controls keep the interior comfortable for shirtsleeves while the design keeps internal pressure stabilized at 1 atmosphere – the same as being above water. The sub can descend at 500 feet per minute, meaning it can reach the deepest spot in the ocean in approximately 75 minutes.
To bring the Triton 36,000 to life, Triton also announced the “Race to Inner Space”, an invitation to aspiring ocean explorers and entrepreneurs around the world to join Triton in the pursuit of making the deep ocean accessible to all, discovering new life forms critical to science and research, and rekindling America’s passion for leading the world in exploration and adventure. The Race to Inner Space webpage ( ) has more information on the Triton 36,000 its inventors, technology and the history of deep ocean exploration.

“At a time when we’re retiring the shuttles that explored outer space, we have an incredible opportunity to launch a new type of shuttle to explore inner space,” said L. Bruce Jones, CEO of Triton Subs and the force behind the Triton 36,000. “Being able to go to the deepest spot in the ocean in little more than an hour is going to revolutionize our relationship with the deep ocean. We’re opening the door to unlimited possibilities of exploration, science and wonder that anyone can experience.”

The Triton 36,000 can carry the first humans back to the deepest part of the ocean in more than 50 years – a place that has only seen visitors once in the history of humankind when Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard descended in the bathyscaphe Trieste in 1960. Designed for serious explorers and scientists, as well as commercial use, the Triton 36,000 can retain its safety and integrity over the course of hundreds of dives.
More information on Triton, the Triton 36,000 full ocean depth submersible and the Race to Inner Space, is available via the web at

About Triton Submarines LLC

Triton Submarines LLC is part of the U.S. Submarine group of companies. The Triton line of submersibles includes the Triton 1000 two- and three-passenger models and the Triton 3,300, also available in two- and three-person models, diving to 1,000 and 3,300 feet respectively. The group also builds larger luxury submarines for yacht-based operations that carry 4, 6 and 10 passengers ( ), as well as large diesel-electric luxury submarines and tourist submarines. The group is also building the world’s first undersea resort in Fiji ( and has formed a new company engaged in building sea-floor residences and commercial buildings (
About Rayotek Scientific

Since 1992 Rayotek has engineered and manufactured sapphire, glass, fused quartz and fused silica products, enabling world class companies to bring cutting-edge products to market. Rayotek’s expertise is in creating solutions for complex customer needs and leading projects from the conceptual stage, through engineering and design, to final manufacture. Rayotek became involved in high-pressure systems in 2000 while working with NASA and the U.S. Navy on deep-sea and space window applications. Since then, the company has worked with numerous government and private sector organizations to develop superior, lighter windows and viewing systems for ultra-high-pressure applications. In 2008, Rayotek developed a new technology for fabricating massive precision hemispherical and spherical glass chambers for deep-sea manned use. Rayotek is located in San Diego, California. More information is available via the web at