Accidental or intentional, wrecks hold an endless fascination for many of us. Here are the top destinations to get your wreck fix.

Top Wreck Diving Destinations

By Scuba Diver Life

Whether tragic accidents or intentional, wrecks spark our curiosity and bring out the pirate in all of us.

  • Chuuck (Truk), Micronesia

    By Scuba Diver Life

    This Japanese war grave includes at least 44 ships and 249 aircraft.  Dozens of wrecks are commonly dived and many are less than 50ft deep. History, variety, and sea life keep this place at the top.

  • North Carolina, United States

    By Scuba Diver Life

    Nicknamed the “Graveyard of the Atlantic” for good reason, there are over 1,000 ships here dating back to 16th century. Good viz and reasonably warm waters only add to the appeal.

  • British Virgin Islands

    By Scuba Diver Life

    Home to the famous RMS Rhone, the lush coral gardens around BVI hold the secrets of a dozen other wrecks, including an intentionally sunk airplane. The gorgeous, rich waters don't hurt either.

  • Great Lakes, United States

    By Scuba Diver Life

    These sometimes turbulent waters hide the hulls of hundreds of vessels, some as old as revolutionary war and a few of them wooden. There are still more wrecks to be discovered in these cold waters.

  • Bermuda

    By Scuba Diver Life

    This small island is surrounded by easily accessible wrecks, many of which are close to shore. Dozens of planes, freighters, ferries, sailing vessels, and even a paddle-wheel steamer.

  • Aruba

    By Scuba Diver Life

    Only slightly fewer wrecks than Bermuda, here you will find planes and WWII ships surrounded by lots of diverse marine life. One of the wrecks here, Antilla, is the largest wreck in the Caribbean.

  • Florida Keys, United States

    By Scuba Diver Life

    These warm waters are the final resting place of over 1000 wrecks,  many scuttled and more that were tragic accidents of navigation or storms. [Dive the shipwreck trail ]( get a taste of them.

  • Cayman Islands

    By Scuba Diver Life

    While some are beyond recreational limits, many of the 100s of wrecks here are in shallower waters and just yards from the shore.  The favorite here is a scuttled US Naval ship with 5 decks.

  • Red Sea

    By Scuba Diver Life

    One of the top-rated wrecks in the world, the SS Thistlegorm, lies here. Many more little this gorgeous sea's bottom thanks to reefs, storms, and barely submerged islands.

  • Coron, Philippines

    By Scuba Diver Life

    Dive back in time to 1944 when most of the Japanese fleet here were sunk by US forces. [This page]( gives a good recount of what happened that day.  While there are many, only a dozen are popular.

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