Six Under the Radar Ocean Instagrammers You Should Follow

We all know names like David Doubilet and Brian Skerry, but here are seven under the radar ocean Instagrammers you should be following too.

In our social-media-saturated lives, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content we see. In the underwater-photography world, names like Brian Skerry, Paul Nicklen and David Doubilet tend to get the most attention. And, while all these established photographers certainly deserve the attention, don’t forget to check out a few lesser-known and up-and-coming photographers. Here are six under the radar ocean Instagrammers you should follow too.

Martijn Schouten



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Martijn Schouten is dive guide from Holland, splitting his year between False Bay, South Africa and Pico Island, Azores. Spending almost all year diving with blue and mako sharks, Schouten has observed and interacted with these species extensively.

Daniel Norwood




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A last-minute entry into the British Society of Photographers annual portfolio contest in 2009 resulted in an unexpected win and provided Norwood with the confidence to approach people within the industry and promote his work. After eight years of adventures, Norwood’s photography has been featured in both online and print magazines around the world.

Francesca Page




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A young British artist, Page paints ocean-focused images that encourage people to make a difference in the world, especially on issues concerning climate change. Page is currently working on a project to paint 200 shark species to represent how many are lost due to human greed every 60 seconds. 

Michael Patrick O’Neill



Born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, O’Neill is an award-winning photographer who specializes in marine wildlife and environmental issues. He is a published writer, and his images have appeared in BBC Wildlife, National Geographic and The New York Times among others.

Magnus Lundgren




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A Swedish photojournalist and conservation photographer, Lundgren is one of Europe’s leading underwater photographers. Lundgren has traveled across the globe from the Arctic Ocean to the remote reefs of Indonesia. His conservation- communication initiative “Wild Wonders of Europe” has some 800 million people, offering education on the natural wonders of Europe. 

Fred Buyle




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A world record breaking free-diver, Fred began shooting images underwater in 2002 when he decided to capture the essence of the free-diving and the underwater world. Only using available light Fred strives to use only the minimum equipment to minimize the impact on the ecosystem.

In 2005 Fred began to work with marine biologists to assist them in their field work. His free-diving abilities help approach whales, sharks and other marine species with minimal stress. Fred has collaborated with teams in Colombia, Mexico, South Africa and the Azores.

To this day numerous NGO’s are using his material to promote their conservation campaigns.