Sipadan in 60 seconds

Long considered one of the world's best dive sites, Sipadan is a towering mass of limestone, coral and fish life rising over 1,900 feet (600 m) from the ocean floor.

Sipadan: The Best in the World

Sipadan has long been considered one of the world’s best dive sites. This towering mass of limestone, coral and fish life rises over 1,900 feet (600 m) from the ocean floor. Located on the East coast of Sabah, Malaysian Borneo, dropping in at Sipadan is a must for any diving aficionado. It’s hand’s down the best place in the world to have a close-up turtle interaction, with between 500-1000 friendly green turtles calling the island home. Several thousand big-eye jacks school around Barracuda Point, often accompanied in the shallows by cruising whitetip reef sharks and giant trevally. Down deeper there is the chance to swim off the plunging wall to spot grey reef sharks and the occasional scalloped hammerhead in the blue. If you’re lucky, within the same dive you can get lost in a massive school of barracuda and then come up in the shallows to watch a school of bumphead parrotfish grazing on the reef. Check out our videos, “Sipadan in 60 seconds” and “Sipadan Barrier Reef in 60 Seconds,” to get a short, sharp, intense flavor of one of the best dive sites in the world