Looking to get a camera to capture you underwater and topside adventures? Take a look at our latest Sealife Gallery, showcasing some of our shots from the past few months!

Sealife has done it again, with their Micro 2.0 camera. We wanted to show you the latest photos that we have been able to capture on our dives this year. All the photos below were taken with a SeaLife Micro 2.0. If you are wondering what camera to get to capture your dives, we would definitely recommend this awesome camera. Not only is it great with photos, it takes amazing video as well! Take a look at the video below to see our last dive adventures in the Socorro Islands, Mexico filmed on the Micro 2.0!

The SeaLife Micro 2.0Capture all your amazing adventures — topside and underwater — with the ultra-compact and travel-friendly SeaLife Underwater Cameras Micro 2.0 camera.

Posted by Scuba Diver Life on Sunday, February 28, 2016

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